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look at all that blue

Will you look at all that blue? Some of that yellow isn’t really yellow even, mostly on Kitsune at War, which just needs a little bit of levelling work on backup fiddle.

By the end of the day one of those remaining orange tags will be gone, and might not be yellow but outright blue. And one of those vox2 yellow tags will go to blue – Shanti’s coming in to record one phrase on John Barbour and then that song is finished.

For comparison purposes, minus the few orange tags, this is what Mine to Love looked like when it went to mastering. You kind of lose track of updating when you’re changing six tags a day and there isn’t really a reason anymore.

And again, you can still sign up for an ARC! I got some amazing comments on the leaked track, but… sadly I cannot share them in public, because of reasons. But the lurkers support me in email! Except they actually do. I wonder if that’s ever actually happened before? XD

Bone Walker: Instrument Recording COMPLETE

All instruments (real, MIDI, otherwise) are complete. Flute was the last to the post, and I got that done over the weekend.

Vocals this week; final mixes next. Fun announcement hopefully shortly thereafter, and maybe not the one you’d expect given all the other things I’ve just said. There may be some surprises included in all this, oh, stuff. But I’m waiting on word from other people.

Once I know, you’ll know.

I have my first outside feedback on this album, or one song from it. A release candidate recording made its way further out than I intended. It leaked, like Doctor Who scripts leaking leaked; I had no idea until I got reaction mail about it on Sunday. So I’ve asked permission to quote that reaction mail, because I don’t mean to brag, or maybe I do, but this is the kind of reaction you really want to quote. It comes from an area pro, someone I know but not super-well, and involves the words “superb” and “addictive” and also “knockout,” and those aren’t all the good words.

Y’know, it’s still not too late to sign up for an Advance Review Copy.

do I know any horn players?

Trumpet, trombone, sax. Swing jazz background strongly preferred. Can you play like you should be in a late-prohibition speakeasy jazz band? ‘Cause I’ve had this one idea for a while, and I want to see whether I can make it happen.

Note: may involve time travel. Probably won’t. But I can’t rule it out.

second call for reviewers: is that you?

I listened to the mostly-completed Bone Walker today, seeing what’s left to be done, and the answer is honestly not all that much. We’re still waiting for the readings, I’ve got one (1) more flute track to put down, there’s a special surprise still outstanding, but… yeah. It’s about time for final vocals, and then we’ll be done.

So I’m looking for people who will post reviews (50-100 words or more, about the length of an Amazon customer review) if they receive an advance review copy. DO YOU WANT AN ARC? That could be you!

You don’t have to review music regularly to jump in here, and you most certainly don’t have to promise what kind of review (positive, negative, etc) – just give it some actual words and thought. And it has to be posted publicly online somewhere. PODCASTS TOTALLY COUNT. So does print, I guess, if you have that sort of thing. Fanzines? CAN DO SPORT. I just want a copy. 😀

Interested, or have a pointer? Here’s the contact form. Let me know. Thanks!

would you review music, or do you know someone who does?

The soundtrack album may not be finished yet, but I’m looking for people who would post reviews (50-100 words or more, about the length of an Amazon customer review) if they received an advance review copy. Is that you?

You don’t have to review music regularly to do so, and you don’t have to promise what kind of review (positive, negative, etc) – just give it some actual words and thought. And it has to be posted publicly online somewhere.

Interested, or have a pointer? Here’s the contact form. Let me know. Thanks!

there, that's better

See, these are simpler, but still better/stronger drums. They also sit better in the mix. This isn’t a final mix even in this sample, but it’s a lot closer than just yesterday. Less is often more, and this is a case where less was definitely more.

At this rate, I should maybe be just playing every possible drum strike and then excising all the ones I don’t actually want, like subtractive sculpture, a giant marble block of drum strikes that I slowly excise in the DAW. I kind of seem to end up there anyway. XD

(You can play the previous version here, for comparison.)

lukey has drums

Bass has joined mandolin and Irish Bouzouki at the post. Three instruments down. Only two tracks have any instruments left to record here at Supervillain Studios, mostly drums. If all goes as planned, we’ll move onto vocals and final mixes next week.

Drums haven’t reached the post yet, but are getting there. Lukey’s boat has drums, but… they aren’t entirely sorted. I think I need to simplify this drum track a bit:

I like them as a separate thing, but they aren’t quite settling properly into this mix. But where they’re simpler, they settle in just fine. Spent a lot of the evening working on getting them closer, though. We’ll see.

and now mandolin

Mandolin has joined Irish bouzouki at the post.

There’s a lot of blue on this board now. Three tracks are at Release Candidate stage. Call Down the Thunder/Hail the Seelie Court is about to be the fourth.

I want to say bass is done on Lukey, but can’t yet. It’s recorded and timed and I think I like the EQ and effects stack, but I’m not convinced it’s finished. And I will use some automation on the levels, but that’s part of final mix, not track mix, even though it’s applied to the track.

It’s the kind of bass track that can make a song. It’s exciting. I wish it was plucked standup bass rather than electric, but it’s still good on electric. I just hope it isn’t overlooked, though, being, well, bass won’t show up much on laptop speakers.

It’s me and Primus and nobody much else for reasons, reasons which I ignore and carry on, because I am foolish and impractical.

But whether people hear it on laptops or not – it’s still good.

making things difficult

The problem with being a multi-instrumentalist is that you’re always a bit out of practice with everything. It’s pretty annoying, to be honest. But I still like the half-a-bassline I came up with last night, even if it’s all sloppy.

I’ll need to do something different for the two bridges, though. It kind of modulates the key a couple of times. Because hey, why not?

I’d like to say mandolin has joined irish bouzouki at the post, but I’m not sure about a thing, so I can’t. Not quite. I mean, on principle, I assert that overdrive is not only for GEEtars and can totally be used on mandolin. And it sounds kind of cool. But in the mix… I’m not so sure yet.

It may be interacting with the overdrive I’m using on the zouk. That, I’ve done before. (See also: Kaiju Meat. Three sets of overdrive stacked atop each other. It was awesome.) I hope not, that’d be sad. I really want this to work. I think it will, with enough nudging.

If you didn’t play the Run Like Hell preview, why the hell not? Go play it.

all irish bouzouki tracks are complete

All Irish bouzouki tracks for Bone Walker are recorded, comped, and have basic equalisation/compression/mixing settings applied.

Irish bouzouki is first to the post.

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