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Last call for review raffle!

The review raffle has until midnight Cascadian time, so if you’re gonna, go write up a little commentary post about Cracksman Betty in public and link me to it by EOD tonight if you’re gonna!

Here, have this:

You’re welcome.

focus goddammit

THANK YOU everybody at Folklife who stopped by and chatted and said hi! And particularly all the people who stood around and listened. It’s hard to get heard over the din at Folklife – I mentioned on Twitter over the weekend that Folklife is mostly about yelling and I stand by that – but this was a good year! I guess I’m getting better at yelling. Also at when to perform and when to kick off for a while. XD

I’m sad it’s over, even if I have a pretty epic case of the sleepies. Seriously, I’ve been writing this for 45 minutes and being distracted by oh hi kitties. You kind of lose track of the whole awesomeness of this music thing in all the grinding day-to-day business bullshit, and huge epic festivals playing with other people remind you.

And it doesn’t hurt anything when a stranger walks by and then backs up and looks at you and goes, “…are you … did you do that Skyrim fan song about the Winking Skeever?” and you can go o/ and say “yes! Yes, I did!” And they ask if you’ll do it live and you do. n/

Folklife wasn’t even the only thing awesome this weekend! I can’t talk about Anna and things involving certain creative efforts other than Faerie Blood. But I want to. And I’m not even talking about the soundtrack and certain plans we have for that which aren’t signed yet. But I want to. I can say that the Leannan Sidhe Kickstarter has charged up to 72% on what is normally a totally dead weekend, so that’s awesome – go push them to 75%!

Oh, and the review raffle thing has until Thursday. So go write up a little commentary thing about Cracksman Betty in public and link me to it by Thursday EOD if you’re in.

I got more, but you go ahead. What’d you do this weekend?

heading down to folklife

I’m gonna street-play Folklife this weekend – and attend, too, particularly as weather changes. XD Say hi if you seem me! Also, this is the last weekend for the review raffle, so post a public review of Cracksman Betty and let me know!

Also, I signed up for ReverbNation. Who should I tell it I sound like? I’ve dropped a couple of bands but I need more.

ReverbNation is also making weird things happen where Facebook is telling me people are liking my activity there but not linking me over, but when I go there directly it’s not showing up there. I’ll figure out what that’s supposed to mean when I’m not so busy. If you’re doing stuff, where does it go?

montreal and st. john

Hey, guys, I need some help filling out an Eastern Canada house concert tour! I have gigs in Toronto and Moncton, but I’m looking for Montreal and St. John’s, in late July and early August. House concerts are really easy to host, and I don’t even need crash space or anything. If you have any pointers, please throw them to me, because I’ve never been these places before!

Also, HI to Cascadian Independence Project people! The album you’re looking for is Cracksman Betty! We’re doing a review raffle, so if you post a public review, let me know! Give Dick Tracy Must Die a listen, too. Full-band elfmetal RAR! 😀

take two

Good morning! Thanks to Cascadian clouds, it’s darker now than it was during the eclipse yesterday. But that’s not important right now because! Leannan Sidhe have given their Kickstarter project a reboot – better video, new backer rewards, new levels, all kinds of things. Two days in and they’re at 59%, no lie, so check that shit out. Particularly if you pledged before. No, wait: particularly if you didn’t.

Also, THE PAMCAKES WIN THE PENNANT! THE PAMCAKES WIN THE PENNANT! Derp has some fandom, but apparently everybody just hates Herp.

Man, Herp. That fucker.

WHAT PLAYTHINGS DID YOU OFFER UP ON FRIDAY? A whole bunch, actually, thanks! Here, look at all this:

Thanks, everybody!

Nobody’s told me about writing a review for Cracksman Betty yet. I has a sad. No review love? I’ll extend the deadline ’till the end of the month, then. In the meantime, go throw some love on it on iTunes. MOAR STARS PLZ!

important question

I don’t feel like much, so let’s settle an important question:

[poll id=23]

Also, leave comments with awesome things. Or links to awesome things. This has been one of those weeks when to be honestly I really don’t feel like I’m cut out for this, because, like fiction writing, trying to do music is mostly about successfully managing rejection. So I’m calling a KLYTUS I’M BORED and demanding playthings.

An obscure body in the SK system, perhaps. That sounds fun. Hot hail, anyone? XD

and the final six hours

Anna’s Kickstarter project for Faerie Blood (her first novel) and Bone Walker (the soon-to-be-published sequel) is in its final six hours. Fewer, by the time you read this. It will fund, which is awesome, and not just because we’re doing the soundtrack album. If you want to get in as a backer on this – have your name in the book’s thank-you pages, and all that? Or other tasty awards? Go back the books!

Also, extra money thrown in lets us do extra things. I’ve already spent time and money building out my little studio to handle this larger project, and I’ll be building more toys soon. Plus we have guest musicians coming in. It’s a big deal! So if you’re going to jump in, now is the goddamn time! Not tonight, not tomorrow: now. MOVE IT SOLDIER THIS MEANS YOU! 😀

There’s a review raffle going! Play Cracksman Betty and write a review about it, and you’re in a drawing for a copy of the album. Plus, it’s good, dammit! The review doesn’t have to be long, but it needs to link to the album. Oh, and tell us you wrote the review. Thanks!

Play this:

Link to this in your review.

Oh, I also think there’s a Google Hangouts live thing tonight, too. Watch on G+ for details!

live on the house of julie

Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to be a guest on The House of Julie with Julie Cascioppo? I got some video! The audio’s a bit tinny, but what do you think?

If you missed it on Friday, Cracksman Betty is on iTunes now! So I’ve started a review raffle. Write and post a public review in the next two weeks and I’ll draw to mail someone a special home-burned CD edition of the album. (It’ll be less S-100 Bus which you’ll still have to download on its own because of licensing, but it’s free, so that’s okay.) Click here to listen to the album.

Coming up next: getting organised on the Bone Walker soundtrack. But first, how was your weekend?

and now on itunes!

Cracksman Betty has shown up on iTunes! It costs more there! I don’t know why! But they make those decisions, not me! Clearly they think it’s a real album. 😀 Yay! It’s not much more, they just set their standard pricing on it. But that’s okay by me. ^_^

If you haven’t given a listen yet, you can hear the whole thing right here, on Bandcamp. No 30-second samples here! They you can buy it on iTunes, or hopefully give it some review love, which it very much needs.

I never did a review raffle beforehand because there wasn’t a beforehand! So I’ll do one now instead: write and post a public review in the next two weeks (plus a little – two weeks plus the weekend) and I’ll email you a special home-burned CD edition of the album. (It’ll be less S-100 Bus which you’ll still have to download on its own because of licensing, but it’s free, so that’s okay.)

This should play the whole album for you:

Post the link to your review here in comments to enter. And have a good weekend!

first review!

Hey, there’s a Cracksman Betty review already! Westrider wrote a mini-review on Livejournal. Pull quote:

…it’s clear on every track that the band have not been standing pat. The musicianship, singing, and recording have all been kicked up significantly, and there’s not a song that doesn’t show them pushing as hard as they can to make every one better than what they’ve done before.

Pretty cool 😀

If you spot any other reviews, post links! And please tell people about the album! It may be a surprise album, but I still believe in it or I wouldn’t put it out there.

Oh, I signed off on the distribution agreement today, we should see it in iTunes and on Amazon and all that soon. If you see it there, give it some love!

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