Will you look at all that blue? Some of that yellow isn’t really yellow even, mostly on Kitsune at War, which just needs a little bit of levelling work on backup fiddle.

By the end of the day one of those remaining orange tags will be gone, and might not be yellow but outright blue. And one of those vox2 yellow tags will go to blue – Shanti’s coming in to record one phrase on John Barbour and then that song is finished.

For comparison purposes, minus the few orange tags, this is what Mine to Love looked like when it went to mastering. You kind of lose track of updating when you’re changing six tags a day and there isn’t really a reason anymore.

And again, you can still sign up for an ARC! I got some amazing comments on the leaked track, but… sadly I cannot share them in public, because of reasons. But the lurkers support me in email! Except they actually do. I wonder if that’s ever actually happened before? XD