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A cameo!

Recently, we got a request – well, more of a demand, really – to do one particular traditional song, now embedded below. It came from a trio of vocalists you have almost certainly heard, and might well recognise; they’ve been around a while. We’re very excited to have had the unavoidable opportunity to work with them! Give a listen, and see if you don’t recognise the guest performers on this, the new Trad o’ th’ Month:

Whaddya think, sirs?

not at all band related but I gotta say

I miss me some Invader Zim pretty fierce. So original-cast readings of unproduced scripts? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.


Taste this, rainbow

Not much else to say, really. Anybody want to be the fifth person? I’ve got green, orange and blue are claimed, red is semi-claimed but they’ll take yellow.

Well, there is this: the paper printer got me the final proof and! I signed off on it.

And deadline for the review raffle is Friday midnight. It occurred to me that Friday midnight is kinda dumb – should I extend the deadline to Sunday midnight?

Anybody want to split a big CD-R order?

Anybody out there want to split-order some rainbow pack Lightscribe CD-Rs?

Rainbow colour packs of Lightscribe CD-Rs come in five colours, four of which I do not give a damn about. I only want green. My green-only cakepack supplier of MBI discs is out of stock, and is in fact scalping their own last few spindles on eBay for nearly the price, and frankly, I’d rather go with Memorex’s green disc instead of MBI’s green disc anyway. But I’ll look at other brands too.

We can take five spindles and sort ’em by colour. If there aren’t enough of us I can probably be talked into taking another colour for a future project. Anybody interested? Seriously, talk to me.

Also, don’t forget – end of day April 1st for the review raffle! It’s easy to enter, there really aren’t many rules. XD Clickie!

At press

The booklet and CD tray sheet (which is what you call the back cover of a CD case) are at the printer, at last. Yay! Please don’t forget to enter the review raffle by EOD April 1! There’s a week left to post something, and I hope some of you do!

Other than posting a short CD review ( ^_^ ), what’re you doin’ this weekend? My throat’s a little hoarse so I’m not playing out tonight, but I’m thinking of an open mic on Saturday if I feel better. What’ve you got?

showbill for Norwescon

Did an open mic at Couth Buzzard in Greenwood last night; fun stuff, introducing humans to elfmetal. Nice panini sandwiches, too. Might be at the Green Bean tonight – I overdid it a little yesterday but I think I can handle a couple of songs this evening. XD We’ll see.

I’m doin’ a show at Norwescon in April, in a triple bill with Electric Children and Andrew Ross. Electric Children is a Seattle chiptunes band; Andrew Ross is coming all the way up from Portland to do the show, so it’ll be fun. Text-art show poster, j0:

Any you lot comin’ to Norwescon?

thinking ahead to Din of Thieves

I wish I’d listened to Steely Dan’s "Pretzel Logic," title track for the album Pretzel Logic, analytically, on headphones, a year ago. Or even six months ago. It’s recorded late enough that they have really good equipment and late enough that they’re getting adventurous, but not late enough that they’re getting too complex and difficult to figure out by listening.

I probably wouldn’t’ve known enough yet to pick up the lessons. But you never know. I might’ve.

Drums will be handled differently on Din of Thieves. So will anything on keyboards, which for me isn’t much, but isn’t zero. It’ll be cool.

(Also, if you’re ever thinking of engineering anything, listen to the acoustic rhythm guitar on “Any Major Dude Will Tell You,” on the same album. See what they did there? Write that down.)

Let's have a review raffle!

It’s been a while, so it must be review raffle time! You can win your choice of one of my remaining ARCs (signed!) or! a download code for the entire completed album! Your pick.

Entering’s easy: review Dick Tracy Must Die in its final release form from the website by end-of-day on April 1st, 2011. The review must be at least 25 words long, public, linkable, and include a link to the music page:

Come back here (to the band blog, Dreamwidth, Livejournal, or the official Facebook page) and comment with a link to it, so I know it’s out there. Winner will be chosen by die roll selecting from all qualified reviews. If there’s only one review, the writer is sure to win!

In other news, I’m still trying to find a printer for the 8-page CD booklet. I’m really disgusted by the apparent state of the local printing industry right now, because this is pathetic. Do you know a competent printer who actually wants work enough to return calls and deliver a bid for 300 copies? If you do, I have work for them.

Oh right, this thing

Hey, guys, I’ve been kinda distracted. Everybody I know in Japan is fine, but it’s still been very scary. I suggest Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders as an aid organisation. Right now, for Japanese people, the biggest problem by far is the cold and lack of shelter. It’s been a cold winter and spring, and snow is on the ground in a lot of affected areas, and whereever the tsunami hit, there’s nothing left. It went 10km inland. That’s… it just blows my mind.

Oh, and an aside to all the panicking Americans: THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. STOP PANICKING, SHUT THE HELL UP, AND HELP. Seriously, Americans and French dropped about a billion A- and H-bombs in the Pacific (and two in Japan) in the 40s and 50s, and how many of those necessitated KI tablets in North America? None.

Hell, there were above-ground tests in Nevada. They were tourist events. This was a really bad idea for lots of reasons but you didn’t need to be popping iodine in Las Vegas, much less 7,000km away.

In band news, the CD duplicator has been difficult to work with, but Acronova has been very highly responsive in trying to figure out the problems. The data sides have been perfect, but getting labels to write has been a real trial. They’re now sending me a replacement writer unit, despite the fact that:

…we finally got it working. o/ Spool 1 is printed! Both sides! And passes validation/verification 100%!

Now I just have to get paper printers to talk to me. H8. DX

I had no idea print was doing so well

I had no idea the print industry was doing so well! Not one single printer I’ve contacted for an estimate for my little booklet and tray insert job has found time to respond. I clearly had the wrong idea about digital distribution – print must be the wave of the future!

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