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Places to post?

Where should I post these things, anyway? I have some ideas but TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!

Posters, like fezzes, are cool

I have a show poster! She’s cranky, innt she? I like her. (Original art by me, yah.) Click to enlarge, and also please enjoy print resolution (huge), thousand-pixel, 72dpi in high and medium quality, and web resolution.


silence, where there should've been a trumpet

So, I’m really disappointed to learn today that our entry in the Great Big Sea video contest entry was overlooked for the finalist round. I really think we deserved a spot in the final ten – you should go check out the finalists yourself and make up your own mind, of course – and I want to thank everybody who clicked through and liked and gave us the second-most views in the contest, a huge number of likes, a bunch of downloads of the high-bitrate MP3, and an outtakes video that wasn’t even officially in the context and still made the top 25 in watchings.

Also, I want to thank everybody who helped out with costume bits and technical advice and acted and sang. A lot of you put in a lot of work, and I think everybody did a really great job, performing well above their level and pulling off something that sounded really, really good. I wish that effort had been rewarded; I just wanted people to hear it.

For what it’s worth, I voted for – and suggest you vote for – the costume-drama video of “Hit the Ground and Run,” a nicely-shot and very funny video which I think fully deserves its position in the finalist list. I looked forward to going head-to-head against them in this round, and if we don’t get to be involved, I think they should win. But, of course, that’s up to you.

awesome thx but

The new recorder worked great! But sadly, the engineer’s soundboard was set up to send out only the effects channel rather than the mains, so the recording I have is all reverb (sent out at line level yay) and no primary sound signal so lol kthx no.

Next time for sure! (She said, hoping…)

3-5pm at Juanita Bay!

I have a little gig tomorrow, or, for most of you when you read this, today – Friday, the 20th. I’m back at Juanita Bay (11853 97th Avenue NE, Kirkland), a return engagement at their market. I’ll be doing two sets, then be followed by Stan Stanislove doing roots and blues music at 5pm.

Once again I’m going to try to record a show, so maybe you’ll get some live tracks. This’ll be the first field test for the new recorder I broke down and bought. I hope it works!

Things I do when I should be doing Other Things

Yes, it animates

Show coming up on Friday! 3pm, Juanita Bay! Then the big show on September 10th at the Wayward Coffeehouse in Greenwood – 8pm, Friday night! Two sets, no waiting, no cover. Show up, y’smegs!

New show: September 10th at the Wayward


Crime and the Forces of Evil – Tour Calendar
Sep 10, 2010 | Seattle | Wayward Coffeehouse | 8PM

I’m very excited! Are you excited? I’m very excited!


…AND WE’RE LIVE. Yes, it’s the triple-pronged three-fisted trifecta of musical attack from the unique combination of Great Big Sea (courtesy their karaoke contest), Twelve Good Measures, and CRIME and the Forces of Evil, featuring the first-ever video directed by me, along with lots of good Criminal engineering, lyrics, and vocals. Muah ha ha, our plot is afoot!

(The winner of this contest gets guest-of-band backstage passes to the Vancouver show, so fuck yeah mudkips, I do wanna win!)


The official VIDEO
The official free high-quality AUDIO (pick yer format)
The unofficial OUTTAKES video

Please Stand By for an Important Announcement

Crime and the Forces of Evil, in cooperation with Twelve Good Measures, ask that all listeners and viewers please stand by for an important announcement coming very soon. If you have been following recent Criminal proceedings, you may have some idea of the nature of this upcoming announcement, but please be alarmed as the details of this attack announcement may have changed.

Stay tuned to this RSS feed for further bulletins as they are released.

(It’s all very exciting, isn’t it? We’re excited. Are you excited?)

A week? Srsly?

Side project rolls along hardcore. We wrapped principal photography today; I’m ‘way tired so you can read Anna’s post here on it. But we shot 18 shots today (more than scheduled because of being about 2/3rds of the way rained out yesterday), and I’m even reasonably happy with most of them, given that I’ve never shot video before this project. I’m still quite happy with the audio, of course, but that hasn’t changed in days – not since the day after I was supposedly going back to working on Stars. But! I did do some work on Stars this past week as well. Just not all that much, because of all the video work I’ve been doing instead.

Yeah this isn’t the smartest thing in the world from a personal-music-progress standpoint but it’s been six kinds of fun.

Anyway. Next we edit the video together. I’ll link to it (and separately to the mp3) when it’s done. It’ll be a free download, of course, like all the contest entries, but I’ll have it on the bandcamp site just for convenience.

Tired now. Go read Anna’s post instead. ^_^

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