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the test master should arrive today

The test master CD for Bone Walker should arrive today from Mark Yoshida, our mastering engineer in Memphis.

The musicianship on this is amazing.

–Mark Yoshida, on the phone, last night

I’ve never worked with Mark before but he works for much bigger fish than us in Memphis, a music capital, so he knows from what, and apparently, this is what. eeeeeee so excited


the bone walker begins to manifest

Heavy weekend of graphic design and editing here at Supervillain Studios. Particularly the editing – Anna got through the last sweep of Bone Walker the novel today.

The CD case we’re using for Bone Walker the album is wraparound-style! It’s also damn near indestructible. It comes from Australia, so that’s undoubtedly why. But it also means we can do new things with the art:

There’ll be a little booklet on the inside again too, with thanks and liner notes and all the usual. This thing is becoming physical, it’s turning into an object. (An object that, I remind you, you can pre-order. You’ll have a good shot at an extra present, too.) The album is starting to manifest.

…and the book is not far behind. Pre order now, because pretty soon, it won’t be a pre-order anymore.

bone walker is more than an accessory

I’ve been talking a lot about Bone Walker as a soundtrack album for the Free Court of Seattle fantasy novel series, because, well, it is.

But I think that creates a misleading impression. People have been after me for a long time to do an instrumental and/or a trad album. This is also that album.

Leaving out the readings, and the tie-in factor, and this is a 10-track album of mostly traditional music. The arrangements aren’t real traditional, maybe – or, as one might say, “that’s all well and good, but it’s not very Irish, is it?” – but it’s still pretty heavily trad.

And that’s mostly just a long way of saying, “You don’t have to read the novels to like the album.” It’ll all make sense without that – well, okay, maybe the readings will be a little bit context-free. But the rest?

This was envisioned as a quick project, something that would take about six months and be a fun Kickstarter reward. But it grew way beyond that. Sure, part of the reason it took so long is because of unpleasant surprises like eye surgeries. But it also took longer because we put so much into it. We pushed ourselves hard. We brought in guests like Alexander James Adams and Sunnie Larsen and Sarah Kellington and Ellen Eades and Leannan Sidhe and Klopfenpop. We invented new process technologies and went way the hell over budget, something I’m not in the least sorry about.

So what I’m saying is: don’t hear “soundtrack album” and think “accessory to something else.” It’s not. It stands on its own. Give the samples a listen, and if you like what you hear, pre-order. Even with the Kickstarter money, we won’t be ahead of this curve on shipment. But I think when people hear it, they’ll know – it was worth it.

You can still pre-order Bone Walker and maybe get a bonus

The soundtrack album is still at the mastering engineer – these things take a while, particularly since we’re having the same people do the replication. We’re using the same people that SJ Tucker uses for her CDs (thanks for the rec, Sooj) and I know their work, it’s quality. We’ll be getting it back in time for the release show at Conflikt, and there’s still time to pre-order it and help us pay for all these things.

Here’s the disc label graphic, as sent to the printer. It’s Kiri Moth’s art. Pretty, no?

All these pre-orders will be signed, and one of them will get a small special present included. Remember that test CD I was carrying around for a while? I posted about it back in October, and talked about carrying it around to places here.

One pre-orderer will also get that test actual CD. There are differences, too – we made mix changes on three tracks. I’ll sign that, too, and include a little note certifying that yep: it’s the one in the picture. It’s unique, a one-off, and if you find those sorts of things interesting, well, this is how you can get a legit shot at one. It’s not super-fancy or anything – it’s a CD-R with sharpie writing on it, I mean, go look at the picture. But it’s the only copy of that exists, and there won’t be another.

You can pre-order here. The pre-order ends when the CDs get here, and I don’t know exactly when that’ll be. So if you want a shot at the bonus stuff, now is the time. Clickie!

we have sent files to mastering

We have sent all files to mastering. Bone Walker is with the mastering engineer as of 22:46 14 December 2014. This is also functionally release to manufacturing, because the same group is doing both. In short: we are gold.

o| eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! |o/

To celebrate going gold, we’re about the post the Big List of Creative Things our fans have sent in. It’ll follow this post in a short bit; it’s taking a little longer than expected because we apparently have a lot of creative fans, which is super-awesome.

While you’re waiting, consider helping us pay the mastering engineer and printing bill with a pre-order. The minions in particular would appreciate it. You know how excited they get. I can’t blame them. After all, so do I.

Big Post of Creative Fan Arts coming in a few! Check back soon. 😀

14 songs, 53 minutes

Up way too late working on track orderings. I’m not even broadcasting this out, I just felt like putting it somewhere. I am the most undisciplined musician ever.

Screen Shot 0026-12-09 at 1.33.26 AM

a weekend of readings

We have recorded the readings! They’re out to some Kickstarter backers now, getting a bit of a final sign-off. I also wanted to work on the cover layout this weekend, but between rehearsals and WordPress deciding that it wasn’t going to serve the same page to everybody for no reason at all – see below – I couldn’t quite get to that.

Still, doesn’t matter. We have the art, I know what I’m doing, I can finish out the cover while the album is at the mastering engineer. We can’t hand the tracks over for mastering quite yet – I’ve never recorded readings before, and we need to see what people think of them – but we’re close.

I mean goddamn, we are close. Scary close. I can taste it close.

Oh, does the new Bone Walker preview player in the sidebar on the left show up correctly for you? You’ll only see it from the blog proper, not in RSS or in echoed posts. I should most certainly make it shorter, and rip out some of the oldest tracks. But it was difficult enough to make WordPress add the new player at all, so I’m kind of IT’S WORKING DON’T TOUCH IT. (WordPress was provably serving different content to different apps on the same computer. That’s a special kind of hate.)

Anyway, it should look something like this – does it?

Long Player is Long

Recording readings this weekend

We’re finally recording the readings this weekend! Yay! Some test recordings and such on Saturday, and hopefully we’ll keep some of those, and the finals on Sunday.

Also, I got the Klopfenpop remix/bonus track in from Josh, and I have to say he’s really outdone himself. This is great work, and not what I expected, but totally fitting. You’ll love it.

Next week I want to do a show-off-your-stuff post, so if you have anything you do or make or write and want to talk about it, look for that on Monday and start commenting. It’ll be like Scalzi’s, except I’ll make a top-layer collation post too.

So watch for that next Monday.

Anyway, got to prep for the final readings. Have a good weekend, everybody!

I need your opinion on something

One of the big tricks you have to do when throwing your album and/or single out there – either or both, honestly – is say “fans of <foo> will like this, too!”

Typically, that’s who you sound kind of like. I flailed around on that pretty hard with Dick Tracy Must Die, and I’m still not happy with choices I made.

So who would you list?

I think it’s clear that the lists would be different for the songs (particularly “Something’s Coming” and “Song for a Free Court/Anarchy Now!”) than for the instrumentals. So both of these would be really helpful.

Obviously, I’ve got a few – mostly the ones left over from Dick Tracy Must Die for the songs, and a bunch of Newfoundland and Quebecois trad bands for the instrumentals. But I’m not happy with either list.

Got any ideas? I really could use the suggestions.

occasionally things get weird

Over the last week, a post that’s well over a year old has received almost 1,000 hits. And most of the people loading it are sticking around long enough to read it, or at least large chunks thereof.

I have no idea why. Or where they’re coming from. None. No referral URLs, no sources given, they’re not search results. I got nothin’.

My best guess it it’s found its way onto some school mailing list. But that’s a complete guess. Anybody got any ideas? Because I got nothin’.

Also it’s Cyber Monday or whatever so go listen to the new single and pre-order the album! We need to pay the mastering engineer. DO IT DO IT DO IT! XD

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