Mandolin has joined Irish bouzouki at the post.

There’s a lot of blue on this board now. Three tracks are at Release Candidate stage. Call Down the Thunder/Hail the Seelie Court is about to be the fourth.

I want to say bass is done on Lukey, but can’t yet. It’s recorded and timed and I think I like the EQ and effects stack, but I’m not convinced it’s finished. And I will use some automation on the levels, but that’s part of final mix, not track mix, even though it’s applied to the track.

It’s the kind of bass track that can make a song. It’s exciting. I wish it was plucked standup bass rather than electric, but it’s still good on electric. I just hope it isn’t overlooked, though, being, well, bass won’t show up much on laptop speakers.

It’s me and Primus and nobody much else for reasons, reasons which I ignore and carry on, because I am foolish and impractical.

But whether people hear it on laptops or not – it’s still good.