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You know how it’s really difficult when you’re deciding between two tasty targets, both of which offer pretty good reward, but one of which looks so tempting and so available and not much more difficult – and you know some giant muppet is about to go off screaming about traps? Yeah, it’s like that.

I’ve got a new version of Artefacts. It’s mostly the same version as the one in Sketchy Characters; it just has the bass track now and a re-recorded bodhran track and some relevelling and other tweaks. But to my brain it sounds somewhere between a zillion and a gazillion times better! And, surprisingly, the two people who have heard it thus far both think I re-recorded the vocal tracks, which I actually haven’t touched – they just integrate better with the new sounds, which makes them sound new.

And I really want to post it, right? I want it out there. Particularly with people hitting the Bandcamp site pretty regularly! BUT: it’s still not quite finished! And I kinda want the whole Dick Tracy Must Die album to come out at once. So I’ve got temptations on both sides, and Immediate Gratification Angel is in a wrestling match with Admiral Ackbar and I don’t need that in my brain.

So I dunno. I’m still working on it. What do you think?

Yep – it's evil!

Yes, you’ve stumbled into the lair of Crime and her many Forces. We’re just settling in right now, so why don’t you go look at Solarbird’s music journal or our Bandcamp site where you can play songs from our preview EP, Sketchy Characters, while we keep working on the full-length CD Dick Tracy Must Die. But check back. We’ll have more here soon enough.

<a href="">Outbirds by Crime and the Forces of Evil</a>

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