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now on iTunes and Amazon omg

So I was out doing various Day Job Things when I got an IM from Anna: holy crap we’re on iTunes, early! And the mp3s are on Amazon! No sign of CDs yet, but you can get those here, or on CD Baby, or at Sonic Boom Records.

I wasn’t expecting it to show up on Amazon for another three weeks, so that’s all very surprising! I wasn’t even checking for it. XD

Please, please, those of you with the album and on iTunes and on Amazon – go rate it! It needs stars! Lots of stars! It likes them!

Also, I played here last night:

Oxford Saloon, Snohomish

It wasn’t the kind of event I thought it was, it was more of a blues show, but they brought me up between sets and I did a miniset of five songs while the blues band in charge of things took a break. If you like the blues scene, I recommend it; the first set is an hour plus of solid blues, followed by a break, followed by an open blues jam. And if you were there last night: me, between sets!

The funny part was running into CD Woodbury on the way out. HI CD!

But mostly, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE iTunes! Clickie and rate!

I keep having this strange reaction of “agh I have all these copies I pirated, I should buy it” except “o wait no I own these, like made and actually own own these, lol.” Strange feeling is strange. BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT! ITUNES OMG! XD

New gigs!

A couple of new gigs to announce now that I finally have five minutes to do it:

1: May 6th, at the Green Bean in Greenwood, Seattle. I’m the second band in a three-band set so should be on shortly after 7pm and hope to have more details soon.

2: Talk Like a Pirate Day in Kirkland, at Juanita Beach Park, from 3-5pm, September 9th. I’ll be loading up on riot-and-revolution trad for that one. It’ll be fun!

And! I have another secret! This one’s midsummer. Wish me luck!

If you were shooting stills or video at either nwcMUSIC shows at Norwescon last weekend, would you post links? Several cameras were in use and at couple video cameras were rolling; I’d love to see pics!

Who opened for Death*Star on Saturday? Yeah, me, that’s who

Finally, I got to see – as in actually see, rather than miss most of it running around fixing logistics – Heather Dale’s show last night, making up for the one I missed most of at Norwescon. She’ll be back in town in June with the whole band, and if you’re a performing musician trying to make a go of it? Show up and take some goddamn notes. I mean it.

while adding up numbers

…that’s the third straight week averaging >100 plays on the website. I hope some of you guys made the gig. I had a hell of a good time, did you?

I posted a bunch of backstage and front-stage nwcMUSIC photos on Flickr. They’re just snapshots from my iPad, but they’re fun. I wish I’d had my real camera!

My gods that was epic

Back from nwcMUSIC at Norwescon – and that was the best time I’ve had at one of those in years. I sold a bunch of CDs and met a bunch of people and learned a bunch of things and THANKS for coming to my sets, even the last-second fill-in spot on Saturday night! I wish there’d been time to get word out, but that’s how it goes with last-minute cancellations.

(The band which dropped out the day of their show described their reasons as “personal” and “sudden,” which is an apt description for a car bomb. Note that down, kids: never get between a supervillain and the stage she wants! XD )

So much to see and do and so little time even in four days. Cascadia’s Got Talent! was a riot, Heather Dale is an unending fount of friendliness and cheer, we had new attendance marks at concerts – the Thursday shows this year, the experimental first-time shows, did better than last year’s Friday shows – Kinuko Craft is a lovely person to talk to, and I had no idea how much I’d missed the Merchants of Diva until they were back. With their vodka.

I didn’t know vodka fluoresced! But now I do. This is critical information.

Way too many con people to thank from the con and the concerts, but include Heather Dale, Ben Deschamps, Vixy & Tony, Death*Star, Annie Henry, Leannan Sidhe, Sunnie Larsen, Betsy Tinney, Dave Tinney, Aislinn the Bard, Starlight, Electric Children, Andrew Ross, Jen Kilmer, Dave Tinney, John Seghers, Angela Korra’ti, and if I forgot anybody it’s just ’cause I’m so tired.

Four days of awesome means I need a nap. Let’s do this again sometime!

Hello Norwescon!

Hello Norwescon! There are showbills up everywhere and it’s not even Thursday yet. I was just explaining chiptunes for somebody and hopefully they’ll make my show and stay for Electric Children and Andrew Ross and and and!

Also, hi Seattle Geekly peeps! Nice to meet you! C’mon by, say hi! 8pm, Thursday, just follow the showbills XD Also I’m on some panels, too. Godt dammit, this is going to be fun! ^_^

Hello, Auckland!

Just got off the air at Transmission FM, Auckland, New Zealand! So exciting! Now I can’t sleep. XD They played a couple of songs – Outbirds and Artefacts – and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so exciting! I hope I didn’t babble too badly. Thanks for having me on, and welcome anybody who was listening and decided to check us out!

Next up: live show, Thursday, 8pm, Norwescon Science Fiction Convention! See you there, I hope!

One of the secrets is no longer a secret!

I can talk about one of the secrets now!

Tuesday: CRIME and the Forces of Evil, Live interview: Transmission FM (88.3), 9:30pm, Auckland, New Zealand. Yes: I’m getting airplay in New Zealand. And an interview! WOOOOOOOOOO! That’s 2:30am Cascadian Standard Time Tuesday morning! Which is crazytalk! I will be soooooooo drunk sleepy! But it will be awesome. Thanks so much to Daphne Lawless of Vostok Lake for hooking me up, hopefully it’ll be great fun and at least vaguely coherent. XD

Aw look what you guys got me

Averaging over 100 plays a week for two straight weeks? You guys think of everything. Thanks so much! o/

Relatedly, Dick Tracy Must Die is now on CD Baby! There are currently no reviews; the link went live Thursday. A couple of you have reviewed it elsewhere; any chance you’d copy those over to the CD Baby reviews page? Or if you haven’t, and you have a CD Baby account, and feel like dropping a nice note, it’d be awfully cool. I wish the 30-second excerpts they’d picked were better; I’ve edited them, but they haven’t updated yet. That might happen by the time you read this!

We should be on iTunes in about three weeks; Amazon, in four to six. Scary. And awesome.

Thanks everybody who commented one way or another about genres. I ended up with altfolk and altmetal/punk. Let’s hope that works!

This guy played “Come On Eileen” in acoustic form at the Dubliner last night, a few acts before me. He was followed by somebody who did some really good acoustic Led Zeppelin:

I was going to be up in Snohomish tonight, but this stupid Norwescon project… agh, I bit off too much. I’m never doing this ticket-book thing again. Not without a big enough budget to get it hired out. Seriously, this is stupid.

So that’s my weekend: stapling together fake publicity ticket books. XD What’re you doin’ this weekend?

Okay, serious question

Given the limited top-level genre options available for my album on CD Baby, which top-level genre category do you think I should set? This is important for browsing and all that. Currently I’ve piked Folk:Power Folk and Avant Garde:Expermental but I’m having second thoughts. Here are some categories:

  • Folk : Power Folk
  • Folk : Alternative Folk
  • Metal/Punk : Alternative Metal
  • Avant Garde : Experimental
  • Rock : Post-Rock/Experimental
  • Something else, but check CD Baby first

I need to approve all this as soon as they make the changes to the short sample clips that I ordered. Click here to listen if you want a refresher.

things are brewing

I hate it when I have shit goin’ on and gettin’ lined up and I can’t talk about it because it’s not final. I hate it so much!

So much.

Secrets are hard. I hate having to keep my big mouth shut.

But I can say this: Seattleites! Sonic Boom Records in Ballard has Dick Tracy Must Die in stock now. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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