The problem with being a multi-instrumentalist is that you’re always a bit out of practice with everything. It’s pretty annoying, to be honest. But I still like the half-a-bassline I came up with last night, even if it’s all sloppy.

I’ll need to do something different for the two bridges, though. It kind of modulates the key a couple of times. Because hey, why not?

I’d like to say mandolin has joined irish bouzouki at the post, but I’m not sure about a thing, so I can’t. Not quite. I mean, on principle, I assert that overdrive is not only for GEEtars and can totally be used on mandolin. And it sounds kind of cool. But in the mix… I’m not so sure yet.

It may be interacting with the overdrive I’m using on the zouk. That, I’ve done before. (See also: Kaiju Meat. Three sets of overdrive stacked atop each other. It was awesome.) I hope not, that’d be sad. I really want this to work. I think it will, with enough nudging.

If you didn’t play the Run Like Hell preview, why the hell not? Go play it.