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Captain Kidd

Last autumn, at the very start of the Cracksman Betty project, I did a recording of the traditional song “Captain Kidd.” It’s about the eponymous pirate of yore, and full of murder and hangings and other good fun. It was supposed to be the first in the set, but after putting it out for download on the fan list, I decided I really was unhappy with the vocals. So I yanked it back offline, with the intent to redo it as soon as I had the chance.. and never got back ’round to it.

UNTIL NOW! I finally went back and re-recorded the vocals tonight, all extra snarly and piratey. YARRRR! Enjoy, me hearties!


This is completely unrelated to music, I’m afraid. But if you’re wondering what the hell is going on with the US debt crisis, here’s my take. This is also how I tend to write about things not music-related, in my non-music time. There is villainy, tho’. Not supervillainy, so boring, but villainy nonetheless. Enjoy:

Debtordammerung: The US Debt Crisis, in four parts:
Part I: It is tempting, but not fair…
Part II: Why no cuts?
Part III: What happens?
Part IV: But why?

In music news, I’ve figured out a really power-chord-heavy approach to uncapoed Bb major on the zouk for which I am already writing a song just so I can use it. Muah ha ha ha ha ha!

Ah, isn’t that better? Also, I released a live EP last week, Espionage (Live from Mars). It’s a free/pay-what-you-like download, go check it, tell your friends. Don’t worry about paying if you don’t wanna, I mean, who’m I to talk? I just take shit – like a banker, but with more style. XD

supervillains especially

MUWAH HA HA HA HA! n/ n/ Take this: Musicians Are Probably Smarter Than The Rest Of Us

Not much new right now; spent Tuesday as an engineer at Criminal Studios (our northern semi-secret lair) recording Leannan Sidhe, who wanted to get down vocals for some new songs she’s working out. It’s weird being on that side of the desk, but fun. ^_^

If you haven’t yet, check the new live EP. Four tracks, free/pay-what-you-like download. Share with your friends! Or your enemies – hell, I don’t care. XD

another weekend, another cd and release party

So I went to the Leannan Sidhe CD release party over the weekend, which featured Katie Tinney as the opening act and, of course, Leannan Sidhe as the primary, and I gotta tell you, it was like some sort of supergroup of Cascadian geek-folk. Betsy Tinney (Tricky Pixie), SJ Tucker, Tony Fabris (Vixy & Tony), Alexander James Adams, Sunnie Larsen, Rob Lindfors? Those guys were in the backup band.

Pictures here, if you’re into that scene. It was lots of fun, and pretty packed, too. They’d hoped to hold the show outside, but weather didn’t cooperate so they set up indoors, which made things kinda tight.

Me, I put out a new quick-release four-song live EP, Espionage (Live from Mars), recorded a week ago at the Mars Bar in Seattle and posted for you here! It’s four songs on three tracks. This kind of project is why I wanted the flexibility of my own race of atomic supermen CD burning robot – I’ll have CDs to sell at shows for like $5 or so. But you! You can download it for whatever you feel like paying, including free! Enjoy:

Free does ask for an email address and I will put you on the fan list. It’s low volume, and you can unsubscribe if you want. So tell your friends!

That’s all I got for now, I have to go yell at some henchmen. Maybe kill a couple of ’em, because somebody clearly needs to be an example. I mean seriously, putting a new roof on your southern lair should not mean more leaks. It should mean none. So, we gotta have some words.

And possibly some heat ray.

Possibly a lot of heat ray.

new song on new live EP

I love modern tools. Check it: four songs, all live tracks, on the brand-new EP Espionage, including the new song “Coyote,” not previously released in any form! Played last week; released this week. Bitchin’, innit? Enjoy:

It’s pay-what-you-like, so tell your friends!

a brief announcement

CRIME and the Forces of Evil have a brief announcement regarding Harley Quinn and the DC comics reboot:

Also, we fully support Shortpacked’s interpretation of this event. We will return to our regularly scheduled villainy shortly. Thank you.

So now where were we

So, hi, I’m back! I didn’t mean to go silent for most of a week; life things happened, like they do, and there’s not much to be done for it.

I want to give a shout-out to the Mars Bar for having me in as part of their Friday lineup last weekend! It was great to meet Natilie and the Pigfeet XD – I hope you’ll want to do it again sometime.

Also, I like your T-shirts:

Ray gun and tentacles – what’s not to like?

I haven’t had time to give a serious listen to the recording I got; the levels are a little problematic but I’m going to see what I can do. I hope I can start some live-track pay-as-you-like downloads with this show, if I can pull the instrumental part of this recording back up. I just wish I had separate instrument and vocal tracks, like I never quite manage to have.

Two experiments, both of which worked:

The POG. I really like what it does for solo amplified mandolin. I’ve got a couple of settings worked out for different degrees of different effects, and it really helps round out the sound. I just wish it also ran on battery or phantom power, like my DIs.

The magnets. I actually sold a magnet! One point to House Supervillainy! XD

Also, I started another song while I was gone. I need to dedicate some time to songwriting. I have a little bit off ’till the next official show, I should make the most of this opportunity.

How was your week?

really i should not be working on merch

But I can’t stop myself:

Fucking magnets how do they work?! XD

See you at the show tonight! (9pm, the Mars Bar, Seattle!)

bitchin poster XD

Look! Somebody not me put up a poster for this Friday’s Mars Bar show! This is awesome! Thanks, Cow!

Particularly since it’s in Toronto XD

You can print and paste too! The PDF is just a clickie away! It still looks good in black-and-white, you don’t have to spring for colour!

This is the first gate show I’ve had. EVER. I’ve been paid to play plenty of times; this is the first time I get a cut of the door. So it’s kind of a big deal to me. $6 for three bands – SUCH A BARGAIN! C’mon out! Seattle, Cafe Venus/The Mars Bar, Friday! Shows start 9pm. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Live video!

Remember me mentioning playing out at the Gypsy Cafe the other night? A guy going by the name of Zorp took video and sent me the link! Thanks, Zorp, that’s so nice of you! ♥ Everybody else, check it:

Please, also, if you have time/opportunity, print and post the showbill for this Friday’s show at the Mars Bar! And come out! Three bands for six dollars, how can you lose? XD

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