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sochi olympics

I haven’t, for a long while, given much of a rat’s ass about the Olympic Games. But now that the IOC has ordered GBLT athletes to stay silent about Russia’s anti-gay pogrom that extends even to them, and the Americans are telling their team to comply(!) with the Russian anti-LBGT laws, I now do care.

I am now actively against the entire project. Don’t move the Olympics; cancel them.

It won’t happen, of course. The very idea is ludicrous. Despite its redeeming elements, it’s always been deeply corrupt and frankly kind of horrible as soon as you scratch the surface. And god damn, if this is how they’re gonna roll? To hell with the whole project. Burn it down and start over.

august podcast

The August edition of The Geekmusic Podcast is delayed (as you may’ve noticed), partly because the interview fell through, but mostly because I’ve been too distracted with awesome things like surprise new music and horrible things like the ongoing 2013 Cat Pee Festival.

all this, yes, all this, will soon be my urine-soaked empire

Honestly, I don’t know what we’re going to do at this point. I can’t have this going into heating season and carpet is not cheap. Neither is furniture. Me, I suspect he just doesn’t want to be an indoor cat anymore, but there are coyote out there. So that’s fun.

Anyway, that’s happening. I’ll do a mini-podcast this weekend so something is out there for August. I’ll play Kaiju Meat and talk about the soundtrack project, and pay one of the bits of it that’s substantially in-progress. Kind of a mid-project preview. That’ll be nice, won’t it?

a reduction in sfwadenfrude

Oh my, it seems that SFWA has finally rid itself of, well, they don’t say, but we all know which white supremacist it would be, don’t we? I don’t see how they could’ve done anything else, after he used SFWA official channels to promote an overtly-racist screed against another member of the organisation.

The fact – again, just plain fact – that he’s a white Christian male supremacist who explicitly states that only white Christian men are capable of civilisation and must therefore rule everyone else? That’s just icing on this cake.

Oh, look, Scalzi seems to be in a musical mood all of a sudden. Huh, funny. I also a song coming to mind for some reason; there’s no studio version yet, but The Mighty IF posted some audience video from a Toronto house concert, that’s a start…

gatekeeping and recourse

In pushback and misandry, I promised to post something important and useful to guys fighting misogyny. This is your turn.

Men who try to push women out of fandoms, and out of computers, out of sciences, out of wherever; when they get misogynistic in front of you – what do they want to see happen?

Well, they want the woman to be angry, or upset, or embarrassed. That’s the goal. They want to express dominance or power, and the woman to go away. They get off on that.

But that’s only half of it.

They’re looking for your endorsement – the male endorsement – just as much. They’re excluding the designated “other,” and a big reason they’re trying to do that is to improve their group bond with you. They want confirmation and endorsement.

And it can be really hard to step up and say, “Hey, don’t be a misogynist asshole.” I get that. Most geek guys are pretty introverted and it’s hard to be the one “starting something.” As a result, much of this goes unchallenged.

But you know what it’s not so hard to do?


Don’t laugh, even nervously; don’t smile; don’t make a pleasant face; don’t look away; don’t ignore it.

Just frown. Deny them the endorsement they seek.

That’s all. Frown, and frown clearly, and where they can see it. Make a negative expression. Not sarcastic; not even pained; no laughing, even if you intend it as mocking: it calls for a plain, old, extremely unambiguous, frown. You don’t even have to make eye contact if you don’t want to.


Frowning denies the group bond affirmation they’re seeking. The reward is reduced – or, hopefully, outright missing. It may even make them feel bad, thanks to mirror neurons.

And the best part? They can’t even complain about it, because if they do…

…then they’re the ones “starting something.” And that gives you the advantage in whatever happens next.

It’s a small thing, but it’s a meaningful thing. I didn’t invent this; I got it from Stetson Kennedy. But I can’t use it, at least, not here; it’s the kind of thing that only people seen as in-group can do, because upset from the people they’re assaulting are the point. They want that.

But, just as much, they want that confirmation – even the neutrality which counts as acceptance – from you, and anyone else they see as a peer. They want bond confirmation from “people,” who matter, as opposed to “others,” whose anger or hurt they seek.

At very least, deny them that confirmation.

This post is part of a series on sexism in racism in geek culture. Master post here.

ETA: Hello, Thomas Sanders and followers! Nice to meet you!

Aside from all my politics posts, I’m a geek musician, and my band just released our new neo-Celtic fantasy novel soundtrack album. You can play it with the gadget in the upper left or select individual tracks on Bandcamp.


pacific rim fandom is the best fandom

…or at least is the most explosively out-of-nowhere-to-epic fandom I’ve ever seen.

Honestly. This must be what Star Wars must’ve been like. Jaegercon, organised out of nowhere, online, in about two weeks. Real-life gatherings in dozens of cities; Manila got together first, I think, at least on K-Day, thanks to calendar advantages; we had 23 or so Saturday night in Seattle; San Francisco led the pack with 40-something? Vancouver and Toronto had big groups too.

Hundreds if not thousands of people checked in on Tumblr; 500ish have signed the roll call post that went out a couple of hours ago, but you have to both see it and specifically sign it, which will leave out many. There were cosplay events (awards get announced Monday – Mako Mori and fem!Tendo were both particularly popular), videos, gift exchanges, essays (particularly focusing on Mako Mori, who, as a lead character woman of colour, people have been desperately thirsting for, particularly in this Summer Of No Women In Movies), fanart, analysis (my favourites being of the use of politeness levels in the Japanese dialogue), music (not just me)…

…and honestly, I can’t get over the reaction to Kaiju Meat, the song I did for the con. Nearly 600 people have played this thing, it has dozens of notes and reblogs, people have been donating money for this free download, and two people I don’t even know also brought it to the party, posting about it separately, themselves.

I don’t even know how that happened. To borrow a Texas phrase, I am whomperjawed by that.

(If you missed the link, it’s here. It’s a different sound for me, but I really think I hit my T-Rex-in-F-14s goal. Thanks again to tereshkova2001 and Kathryn Tewson for volunteer chorus vocals, and Flatbear for making badges for everybody to print. 😀 )

Then, while all this was happening, the Russians, Sasha and Aleksis, dropped by – or, rather, their actors. As did the Triplets, and three crowd actors who were there for a lot of the Shatterdome scenes in Hong Kong. Then the screenwriter, Travis Beacham, showed up. And the editor of the art book, Elaine Morethansky, and the movie’s producer, then finally the director, Guillermo del Toro. All in interviews, answering questions from the Jaegercon crowd.

There’s already a Fanlore page about it. It has links to the interviews, and to some of the alt-universe threads which have started up.

But, yeah – this has been an amazing out-of-nowhere experience. Tumblr, Pacific Rim fandom; I’m not entirely sure what you’re doing, but please, please keep doing it; you are doing it right.

that went over well

Well, this is exciting – Kaiju Meat seems to be going over very well:

Total Plays

I am surprised! And excited! And a little confused about what to do now, if anything! So since 60% of online music plays are on YouTube, I made a mostly-static-image YouTube video for it, since that’s easy to do. If you’re one of those people who makes YouTube playlists and such, here y’go:

Props again to tereshkova2001 on Tumblr and Kathryn Tewson on Facebook for their chorus vocals. And to Flatbear on Tumblr for making Jaegercon badges!

Today is the big day, and del Toro showed up this morning. I AM NOT EVEN JOKING GUILLERMO DEL TORO SHOWED UP TO JAEGERCON THIS MORNING. Briefly, but still.

Jaegercon is awesome.

the t-rex has the f-14

This new song, Kaiju Meat, comes out of an extremely strong positive reaction to Pacific Rim, merged with the Cascadian Mecha Militia and its Dance Dance Revolution Team; it was made for the Jaegercon online convention this weekend.

In an alternate universe, the Cascadian Mecha Militia largely stood down in favour of the more powerful Jaegers – but when Seattle’s Jaeger fell, the not-decommissioned Mecha Militia Dance Dance Revolution Demonstration Team (a Seafair favourite!) stepped in and finished the job. This is their victory song.

Most importantly: special thanks to tereshkova2001 from Tumblr, and Kathryn Tewson from Facebook, who answered the call for volunteers in the chorus.

This is a FREE download. This recording is Creative Commons 3.0 Attribute/Noncommercial/ShareAlike; derivative uses ARE allowed. The song itself is (C) 2013 me, but that’s a separate thing.

please stand by

I believe I have the final mix for my Jaegercon song, “Kaiju Meat.”

I’m not going to upload it now – it’s currently Thursday evening, very late – I’m going to wait, listen with fresh ears Friday morning, and see if I want to tweak it a little more.

But it is a good mix. 😀

Please stand by.

what is that sound

That is the sound of kaiju walking. Muaha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 😀

I like this bridge I just recorded, quite a lot. This thing is really coming together.

Lead vocals next.

jeagercon song contribution call!

The first 20 seconds of “Kaiju Meat,” now posted to Tumblr. That gets you the intro and the first half of the first verse (sans vocals).

There is a lot of bass in this thing and a lot going on in percussion; headphones recommended.

So far – so far – in fact, it’s mostly percussion (two stock beats that I mutated, a rock beat loop, and one entirely new studio drum track I recorded this afternoon), plus faux-electric distorted-and-overdriven irish bouzouki. It sounds nice and thumpy and trashy. I’m kind of going for mecha / jeager / kaiju dance/fight music here, because canon reasons. Also because it’s the Dance Dance Revolution Demonstration Team doing this. But that part’s just my headcanon, anyway. 😀

If you want to get vocals in, now you have your tempo, and NOW IS THE TIME! Use your phone, use your laptop, whatever, just tell me how you want credited and keep the background noise down. See the Jeagercon post for details.

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