The first 20 seconds of “Kaiju Meat,” now posted to Tumblr. That gets you the intro and the first half of the first verse (sans vocals).

There is a lot of bass in this thing and a lot going on in percussion; headphones recommended.

So far – so far – in fact, it’s mostly percussion (two stock beats that I mutated, a rock beat loop, and one entirely new studio drum track I recorded this afternoon), plus faux-electric distorted-and-overdriven irish bouzouki. It sounds nice and thumpy and trashy. I’m kind of going for mecha / jeager / kaiju dance/fight music here, because canon reasons. Also because it’s the Dance Dance Revolution Demonstration Team doing this. But that part’s just my headcanon, anyway. 😀

If you want to get vocals in, now you have your tempo, and NOW IS THE TIME! Use your phone, use your laptop, whatever, just tell me how you want credited and keep the background noise down. See the Jeagercon post for details.