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anna and I are on Seattle Geekly

Hey, Anna and I are on the final episode – for now, anyway – of the Seattle Geekly podcast. We talked about Norwescon 2015 and Anna’s books and the new album and making characters lives more complicated and all that fun sort of stuff.

It’s sad that it’s the final episode, but it’s still a good one. And they play bits of Kitsune at War and Anarchy Now! Shannon has read and really liked both of the Free Court of Seattle books, calling them some of her favourite new discoveries in urban fantasy, and she made some very flattering author comparisons.

We actually went over to the Geekery last weekend for this – Anna tweeted about it at the time. They have a nice little studio setup, it was like being back in an actual little radio station. (I worked in professional radio during graduate school, part time. It was fun.) If I ever did a podcast again, I’d totally want a table setup like they have – it sounds really weird to say that you sit on the corners but it works, but it does. And when not in use it all collapses into a (rather large, but still much smaller) cube.

Also, I like their cats.

So, anyway, yeah! Go give it a listen!

geekmusic podcast september 2013

Surprise! The Geekmusic Podcast! Episode 5, September 2013. It’s a short one (18 minutes) but it’s here. I play some very early bits from the Bone Walker soundtrack, talk about nwcMUSIC 2014, plus – SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! – I’m an attending pro at Vancouver’s VCON this October! I’ll have a 10pm Saturday show, and will be running a workshop and some panels.

But here’s the podcast:

Tell me who you want to hear about or hopefully just outright hear in a future episode, too! Hopefully in October or November we can get back to normal lengths.

Oh, if you don’t like YouTube, we have direct mp3 download and Soundcloud links at the Podcast page, like usual.

In related news, an update on the post I made yesterday about the return of Seattle Geekly: they made their Kickstarter goal! Go them! But it’s not too late to jump on that bandwagon, they have stretch goals and such, like y’do.

return of seattle geekly

The Seattle Geekly podcast has long been a big supporter of geekmusics of all flavours. They had to retire from podcasting a couple of years ago due to Fuck You, Cancer reasons, but are ready to come back with a little Kickstarter funding.

They’re less than $400 away from goal, but are down to four days as I type this. Go back this project. I already have. In fact, I just upped my support.

Seriously, go throw ’em a fiver if nothing else. They’ve been big music supporters; get them back above the line.

august podcast

The August edition of The Geekmusic Podcast is delayed (as you may’ve noticed), partly because the interview fell through, but mostly because I’ve been too distracted with awesome things like surprise new music and horrible things like the ongoing 2013 Cat Pee Festival.

all this, yes, all this, will soon be my urine-soaked empire

Honestly, I don’t know what we’re going to do at this point. I can’t have this going into heating season and carpet is not cheap. Neither is furniture. Me, I suspect he just doesn’t want to be an indoor cat anymore, but there are coyote out there. So that’s fun.

Anyway, that’s happening. I’ll do a mini-podcast this weekend so something is out there for August. I’ll play Kaiju Meat and talk about the soundtrack project, and pay one of the bits of it that’s substantially in-progress. Kind of a mid-project preview. That’ll be nice, won’t it?

geekmusic podcast needs cohost

The Geekmusic Podcast needs a co-host! REQUIREMENTS: Lots of interest in geekmusic! Some ability to speak! Being local or skype/google+/whatever accessible and owning a microphone.

We also want to hear your news and ideas. We have four episodes in the can at this point, and we’re looking at this and asking what we want to do with it. So far I’ve got by via recruiting people I know to be on it, and right now everybody’s busy with STUFF.

Not that I’m not busy with STUFF, everybody else is just better at staying focused than I am. Honestly, that’s not a high bar. I think it’s why I can’t stay off Tumblr. People say I’m good at herding cats; that’s cause I’ve had so much practice at herding me, and all my distractions.

ANYWAY. Yeah. Podcast. News. TELL ME STUFF! Also: lookin’ for a co-host. Apply here.

live in two minutes!

Virtual Comicon panels start in two minutes! URL:

Supporting material for Rocking Hall Costumes:

three! virtual comicon panels

Not at San Diego Comicon? Neither are we. So we’re DOIN’ OUR OWN! It got started on Tumblr, under the #virtualCC tag, with cosplayers and artists and even a vendor offering sales. Now tereshkova2001 (Worldcon top-level costumer) and I (supervillain musician) are adding panel programming.

YES, WE MEAN IT. We have two panels scheduled, both to be streamed in Supervillainy 1, a.k.a. my YouTube channel, on Saturday. COME TO OUR PANELS! They’re listed here, in…


Added: Rocking Hall Costuming: Join award-winning costumer tereshkova2001 as she discusses what makes a good hall costume, how to have fun in one, and how to avoid awkwardness or creepiness. Visual aids will be included! 2pm Pacific/Cascadian, 5pm Eastern, Saturday, July 20th, Supervillainy 1. tereshkova2001 (Moderator)

Added: Kitting Out Cheap: Assembling the sound kit you need for the very little money you have. Supporting materials included but not strictly required. 3pm Pacific/Cascadian, 6pm Eastern, Saturday, July 20th, Supervillainy 1. Solarbird, the Lightbringer (Moderator)

DIRECT LINKS TO THE ACTUAL LIVESTREAM WILL BE POSTED ONCE THE STREAM HAS BEEN LAUNCHED, and not before, because we won’t have the link until we actually start it. Watch either the blog or the #virtualCC tag on Tumblr for announcement probably half an hour before the panels start. We’ll be monitoring the chat on behalf of each other, so we can relay questions and stuff.

Neither of us have ever done this before so it will be an ADVENTURE IN TERROR! Or in live podcasting? Something like that. ADVENTURE! o/



Added: Overly Dramatic Reading: Rob Leifeld’s Captain America, 4pm Pacific/Cascadian, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern, Friday, July 19. shinykari (Moderator). Presumably she’ll post a livestream URL beforehand; watch her tumblr.

#virtualcc / Virtual ComiCon

So weerd1 and tereshkova2001 have started cosplaying at #virtualCC (Virtual ComicCon), and OKAY THEN here’s the handout for Kitting Out Cheap – how to assemble a recording kit on zero budget, #VirtualCC edition.

Further, my fully armed and operational podcasting studio is more than capable of actually holding this panel, live, say, tomorrow or Saturday, as long as it doesn’t conflict with Pacific Rim. Wanna do it?

end of the tour

I love touring. I really do! I know a lot of people get tired of it and if I got to do it a lot more often then eventually it’d turn into “have to do it” and frankly I can think of worse problems, but sure, that’s a real thing that you’d eventually probably get tired of doing, sure.

Getting back, on the other hand? God damn a lot of crap piles up, doesn’t it? Laundry, mending, cleaning out the tent, cleaning the gear bags, recycling all the dead batteries, checking equipment, catching up in the office, seeing what you can get off the cameras and audio recorder… I should have some usable footage and audio from the Leannan Sidhe shows once Shanti gets back from Europe; sadly, the only thing from Clallam Bay is on-camera audio that’s probably too clippy to post to the channel. What do you think?

(I haven’t got the audio recorder wrong in a while. But I did here. There’s a small trick to it, and every so often, I forget. ;_; If I hadn’t, I could’ve brought over that audio and used it with the video. Dammit!)

I did make good on my pre-departure promise, though: the YouTube version of the latest Geekmusic Podcast episode went live last night and is on the Podcast page! Video embed, j0:

Right then, back to it.

this podcast has 22 minutes

Episode 4 of The Geekmusic Podcast is live – direct mp3 download and Soundcloud links are both on the podcast page. I won’t have time to make the YouTube version until I’m back in town again probably next week.

This one’s short – it actually is 22 minutes long, I didn’t make that up – but despite that fully-formed and well-packed, with Heather Dale talking about the new Gates of Camelot bardic/Arthurian MMO and Nicole Dieker stopping by to play us a track off her brand new Giant Robot Album. Plus big show news for San Diego Comic Con, for Seattle if you’re a Marian Call fan, and a host of new releases. Download away!

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