This new song, Kaiju Meat, comes out of an extremely strong positive reaction to Pacific Rim, merged with the Cascadian Mecha Militia and its Dance Dance Revolution Team; it was made for the Jaegercon online convention this weekend.

In an alternate universe, the Cascadian Mecha Militia largely stood down in favour of the more powerful Jaegers – but when Seattle’s Jaeger fell, the not-decommissioned Mecha Militia Dance Dance Revolution Demonstration Team (a Seafair favourite!) stepped in and finished the job. This is their victory song.

Most importantly: special thanks to tereshkova2001 from Tumblr, and Kathryn Tewson from Facebook, who answered the call for volunteers in the chorus.

This is a FREE download. This recording is Creative Commons 3.0 Attribute/Noncommercial/ShareAlike; derivative uses ARE allowed. The song itself is (C) 2013 me, but that’s a separate thing.