Well, this is exciting – Kaiju Meat seems to be going over very well:

Total Plays

I am surprised! And excited! And a little confused about what to do now, if anything! So since 60% of online music plays are on YouTube, I made a mostly-static-image YouTube video for it, since that’s easy to do. If you’re one of those people who makes YouTube playlists and such, here y’go:

Props again to tereshkova2001 on Tumblr and Kathryn Tewson on Facebook for their chorus vocals. And to Flatbear on Tumblr for making Jaegercon badges!

Today is the big day, and del Toro showed up this morning. I AM NOT EVEN JOKING GUILLERMO DEL TORO SHOWED UP TO JAEGERCON THIS MORNING. Briefly, but still.

Jaegercon is awesome.