Averaging over 100 plays a week for two straight weeks? You guys think of everything. Thanks so much! o/

Relatedly, Dick Tracy Must Die is now on CD Baby! There are currently no reviews; the link went live Thursday. A couple of you have reviewed it elsewhere; any chance you’d copy those over to the CD Baby reviews page? Or if you haven’t, and you have a CD Baby account, and feel like dropping a nice note, it’d be awfully cool. I wish the 30-second excerpts they’d picked were better; I’ve edited them, but they haven’t updated yet. That might happen by the time you read this!

We should be on iTunes in about three weeks; Amazon, in four to six. Scary. And awesome.

Thanks everybody who commented one way or another about genres. I ended up with altfolk and altmetal/punk. Let’s hope that works!

This guy played “Come On Eileen” in acoustic form at the Dubliner last night, a few acts before me. He was followed by somebody who did some really good acoustic Led Zeppelin:

I was going to be up in Snohomish tonight, but this stupid Norwescon project… agh, I bit off too much. I’m never doing this ticket-book thing again. Not without a big enough budget to get it hired out. Seriously, this is stupid.

So that’s my weekend: stapling together fake publicity ticket books. XD What’re you doin’ this weekend?