So I was out doing various Day Job Things when I got an IM from Anna: holy crap we’re on iTunes, early! And the mp3s are on Amazon! No sign of CDs yet, but you can get those here, or on CD Baby, or at Sonic Boom Records.

I wasn’t expecting it to show up on Amazon for another three weeks, so that’s all very surprising! I wasn’t even checking for it. XD

Please, please, those of you with the album and on iTunes and on Amazon – go rate it! It needs stars! Lots of stars! It likes them!

Also, I played here last night:

Oxford Saloon, Snohomish

It wasn’t the kind of event I thought it was, it was more of a blues show, but they brought me up between sets and I did a miniset of five songs while the blues band in charge of things took a break. If you like the blues scene, I recommend it; the first set is an hour plus of solid blues, followed by a break, followed by an open blues jam. And if you were there last night: me, between sets!

The funny part was running into CD Woodbury on the way out. HI CD!

But mostly, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE iTunes! Clickie and rate!

I keep having this strange reaction of “agh I have all these copies I pirated, I should buy it” except “o wait no I own these, like made and actually own own these, lol.” Strange feeling is strange. BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT! ITUNES OMG! XD