Back from nwcMUSIC at Norwescon – and that was the best time I’ve had at one of those in years. I sold a bunch of CDs and met a bunch of people and learned a bunch of things and THANKS for coming to my sets, even the last-second fill-in spot on Saturday night! I wish there’d been time to get word out, but that’s how it goes with last-minute cancellations.

(The band which dropped out the day of their show described their reasons as “personal” and “sudden,” which is an apt description for a car bomb. Note that down, kids: never get between a supervillain and the stage she wants! XD )

So much to see and do and so little time even in four days. Cascadia’s Got Talent! was a riot, Heather Dale is an unending fount of friendliness and cheer, we had new attendance marks at concerts – the Thursday shows this year, the experimental first-time shows, did better than last year’s Friday shows – Kinuko Craft is a lovely person to talk to, and I had no idea how much I’d missed the Merchants of Diva until they were back. With their vodka.

I didn’t know vodka fluoresced! But now I do. This is critical information.

Way too many con people to thank from the con and the concerts, but include Heather Dale, Ben Deschamps, Vixy & Tony, Death*Star, Annie Henry, Leannan Sidhe, Sunnie Larsen, Betsy Tinney, Dave Tinney, Aislinn the Bard, Starlight, Electric Children, Andrew Ross, Jen Kilmer, Dave Tinney, John Seghers, Angela Korra’ti, and if I forgot anybody it’s just ’cause I’m so tired.

Four days of awesome means I need a nap. Let’s do this again sometime!