A couple of new gigs to announce now that I finally have five minutes to do it:

1: May 6th, at the Green Bean in Greenwood, Seattle. I’m the second band in a three-band set so should be on shortly after 7pm and hope to have more details soon.

2: Talk Like a Pirate Day in Kirkland, at Juanita Beach Park, from 3-5pm, September 9th. I’ll be loading up on riot-and-revolution trad for that one. It’ll be fun!

And! I have another secret! This one’s midsummer. Wish me luck!

If you were shooting stills or video at either nwcMUSIC shows at Norwescon last weekend, would you post links? Several cameras were in use and at couple video cameras were rolling; I’d love to see pics!

Who opened for Death*Star on Saturday? Yeah, me, that’s who

Finally, I got to see – as in actually see, rather than miss most of it running around fixing logistics – Heather Dale’s show last night, making up for the one I missed most of at Norwescon. She’ll be back in town in June with the whole band, and if you’re a performing musician trying to make a go of it? Show up and take some goddamn notes. I mean it.