Hey, Anna and I are on the final episode – for now, anyway – of the Seattle Geekly podcast. We talked about Norwescon 2015 and Anna’s books and the new album and making characters lives more complicated and all that fun sort of stuff.

It’s sad that it’s the final episode, but it’s still a good one. And they play bits of Kitsune at War and Anarchy Now! Shannon has read and really liked both of the Free Court of Seattle books, calling them some of her favourite new discoveries in urban fantasy, and she made some very flattering author comparisons.

We actually went over to the Geekery last weekend for this – Anna tweeted about it at the time. They have a nice little studio setup, it was like being back in an actual little radio station. (I worked in professional radio during graduate school, part time. It was fun.) If I ever did a podcast again, I’d totally want a table setup like they have – it sounds really weird to say that you sit on the corners but it works, but it does. And when not in use it all collapses into a (rather large, but still much smaller) cube.

Also, I like their cats.

So, anyway, yeah! Go give it a listen!