The Geekmusic Podcast needs a co-host! REQUIREMENTS: Lots of interest in geekmusic! Some ability to speak! Being local or skype/google+/whatever accessible and owning a microphone.

We also want to hear your news and ideas. We have four episodes in the can at this point, and we’re looking at this and asking what we want to do with it. So far I’ve got by via recruiting people I know to be on it, and right now everybody’s busy with STUFF.

Not that I’m not busy with STUFF, everybody else is just better at staying focused than I am. Honestly, that’s not a high bar. I think it’s why I can’t stay off Tumblr. People say I’m good at herding cats; that’s cause I’ve had so much practice at herding me, and all my distractions.

ANYWAY. Yeah. Podcast. News. TELL ME STUFF! Also: lookin’ for a co-host. Apply here.