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it's official: bone walker has already…

Whelp, it’s official: Bone Walker has now outsold all other work combined on Bandcamp.

I was going to post today that we were really close to doing that, that Bone Walker was going to outsell everything else its first month of release, but then I didn’t even have time and it’s already happened! So thanks to all of you who’ve bought it, and if you haven’t, go give it a listen already.

And then last night The Dead Kennedys linked to the band blog from their facebook page (no, really), which is pretty much in my top ten of “things I never anticipated saying.” That was kind of neat by itself, and then I was all, “Wait, this means the Dead Kennedys have heard of me” and wow that is also not a thing I expected to happen. Thanks, whoever did that!

Oh, and last Sunday, Anna and I went out to the Seattle Geekly studios and recorded an interview for their last podcast. That might go up tomorrow, I think. Fun!

Anyway, so, yeah! Exciting week!

live from conflikt

The times on the webstreaming site are a little confusing, so: we are being livestreamed 2pm Cascadian/Pacific on Sunday, barring the usual things-running-lateness. And! There are several other shows and events also being livestreamed both today and tomorrow, so drop in for any and all of those, too!

Also Bone Walker is now live on iTunes and CD Baby! We are officially in general release. Yay!

That of course includes Amazon, so if you preordered from there, you should be getting things. And if you wouldn’t mind dropping a review, we’d love that, ’cause they really do help. You don’t have to have bought it there to review it there.

Of course, Bandcamp is where you can stream the whole album uncut (and also where we get the largest share of the purchase price, yay? economics?) and that’s also the best place to get the physical disc.

Yay! We’re official!

really, really, really last call

Anna posted photos of her contributor’s copy of the CD today. The first contributor copies are going out and this really is your last chance to get a pre-order of Bone Walker, the CD – at this point it’s really closer to just an “order” – and have a chance at owning the test disc, too. 😀

Long show rehearsal today. Very productive. We have a mini-rehearsal on Thursday and then one at the event and then it’s showtime on Sunday at 2pm! Come see us on Sunday! It doesn’t conflict with the Superbowl, you can do both!

Hey, it's a Bone Walker review!

Hey, it’s a Bone Walker review! Spoiler: they like it. 😀

The Dark Side of the Glass: Bone Walker CD Review

omg number 80

holy hell, check out what’s up to number 80 on the weekly Alternative chart on Bandcamp.

Yeah, that’s right. Bone Walker.

I know it’s not a huge pond but it is the pond we are in and it is a chart we are on and with a nontrival number, and we’re still in pre-orders mode. o/

Talking of, if you prefer AmazonMP3 to Bandcamp for some reason, Bone Walker is up for pre-orders on Amazon now, too.

i’m just like “what?” at number 80. we entered the weekly chart yesterday at 129. today we’re number 80. at least as I type this. I guess I need a @wilw flail gif or something now because that’s what it feels like. 😀

apparently everything is an art project

Someday I won’t turn everything I do into some sort of art project. However, today is not that day.

These are the liner notes for Bone Walker. See? Special paper, custom cutting, typesetting – everything is a blinkin’ art project. XD

We’ve decided to go ahead and included the “(Original Soundtrack)” like CD Baby suggested. This means we’re in the very end of pre-order for the CD, so if you want a chance at the test disc as a bonus, pre-order right now. We only have one test disc, and this is your only chance of getting it. ^_^

Talking of CD Baby, we’ve sent in approval for general distribution. The album won’t go live on iTunes, et al, for a bit still – it takes a while for things to fall through all the systems. But we should be generally live by the end of the month. Anna’s also finishing up the technical release of Bone Walker, the novel; it’s up for pre-order on Amazon, with other links to follow. You can also talk about it on Goodreads, if you’re one of the lucky pre-order/pre-release people.

And, as always, if you’ve seen any commentary on Bone Walker, the soundtrack? Throw us a link. We really want to hear what people have to say. Thanks!

Quick opinion VERY MUCH needed

So CD Baby put “(Original Soundtrack)” onto the end of the Bone Walker album title. If you know nothing about any of this project, does that make you more or less likely to look at it when browsing?

My thoughts are that on one hand, it’s an atypical marker and thus distinctive, which is a plus. But on the other hand, most people won’t know what it’s a soundtrack for, and may skip over it on that basis.

They did it on their own and seem to think it’s better to have it, but I can have it pulled. What do you think? Are you more or less likely to look at something that says “(Original Soundtrack)” if you don’t know the thing it’s a soundtrack for?

meanwhile, on the novel side

Meanwhile, on the novel side, Anna just posted good news: Bone Walker (the novel) is now on Amazon for pre-order. She also has MOBI and EPUB versions ready for proofreading/testing – go look at her blog post for details on both.

And since I posted late in the day yesterday; in order not to make the Kickstarter backers wait any longer, we’ve gone ahead with a soft release of Bone Walker the album on Bandcamp only. The general release will wait until closer to the release event, but we didn’t want to make Kickstarter people wait any longer than they have already.

We’ve seen one or two public comments already – if you see any more, post in comments? That’d be really helpful. Thanks!

what they call a 'soft release'

So Bone Walker is genuinely ready to go in download form. We’re holding the full release (iTunes, CD Baby, all that) until the book is ready too, closer to the CD release show at Conflikt.

HOWEVER! We realised over the weekend that since we are ready, it’s unfair to keep it back from the Kickstarter backers who have been waiting so long. And since the easiest way to get that sorted was to hand it out through Bandcamp, we’re gone ahead and made the Bandcamp edition LIVE.

Final Wraparound Cover

Yep, THE BANDCAMP VERSION OF BONE WALKER IS COMPLETE AND DOWNLOADABLE NOW. You can also still pre-order CDs, and one of you who pre-order the physical CD will get the little bonus we mentioned before. If you pre-ordered the CD already, you should have mail and download codes in your inboxes.

We aren’t ramping this monster up through the roof yet – the big event will be the book and album at the same time, and all that, and there’ll be the show and it will be awesome, like y’do. But the Kickstarter people have been incredibly patient, and sitting on it another couple of weeks just seemed rude.

It would be really nice if you post a review or comments if you let us know. That would be really excellent of you.

Bone Walker is released to manufacturing

The disc is approved. NEXT!

We just signed off on the master (with one small CD-TEXT modification, but that’s nothing). SHIP PARTY AT CONFLIKT! EVERYBODY SHOW UP OK!

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