We have recorded the readings! They’re out to some Kickstarter backers now, getting a bit of a final sign-off. I also wanted to work on the cover layout this weekend, but between rehearsals and WordPress deciding that it wasn’t going to serve the same page to everybody for no reason at all – see below – I couldn’t quite get to that.

Still, doesn’t matter. We have the art, I know what I’m doing, I can finish out the cover while the album is at the mastering engineer. We can’t hand the tracks over for mastering quite yet – I’ve never recorded readings before, and we need to see what people think of them – but we’re close.

I mean goddamn, we are close. Scary close. I can taste it close.

Oh, does the new Bone Walker preview player in the sidebar on the left show up correctly for you? You’ll only see it from the blog proper, not in RSS or in echoed posts. I should most certainly make it shorter, and rip out some of the oldest tracks. But it was difficult enough to make WordPress add the new player at all, so I’m kind of IT’S WORKING DON’T TOUCH IT. (WordPress was provably serving different content to different apps on the same computer. That’s a special kind of hate.)

Anyway, it should look something like this – does it?

Long Player is Long