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RELEASE: Pee Police

Last month, I saw a horrific video going around, that one of a cop slamming a butch lesbian into a wall and out of a washroom for not performing femininity to his satisfaction. And, after I was done shaking with rage, I wrote this song.

It’s very angry, very political music, with an eye towards bitter humour. Klopfenpop called it “Pete Seeger meets Pussy Riot,” and I have to say, I’m pretty happy with that reaction.

That video I mentioned above was the first of a flood of similar incidents being reported after North Carolina rushed through the anti-TLGB (and safety and child labour law repealing – didn’t know that part, did you?) HB2 in a several-hour-long special session.

Sure, these abuses happened before it became this year’s fundamentalist-button-pushing issue. But the people who get off on this have certainly felt emboldened ever since, to the point of this North Carolina school system voting to let people pepper-spray transgendered students. It’s that fucking bad.

Pee Police lyric video on YouTube

There are several such bills going around, in various permutations, all sourced from the same choose-your-own-oppression master bill by a fundamentalist/rightist organisation. The one offered here puts a $2500 bounty on the heads of transgendered children, targeting the most vulnerable in this particularly vicious hate campaign. The legislative version did not make it out of committee, so they are now gathering signatures to put it onto the ballot. They can’t win, but they can wage hate for months and crank up fundamentalist turnout – and, of course, hurt lots and lots of children.

Pee Police on Soundcloud

Hurting people – particularly very vulnerable people, like kids – is the point, of course. That’s how they get off, and just putting all that out there is the whole point of this new song. Well, okay, they also have the goal of boosting fundamentalist voter turnout. It’s always about that, and if people get hurt along the way – well, so much the better. As long as it’s the right people, like women who don’t know their place.

Din of Thieves will be a lot harder-edged than Bone Walker, and this is part of that aesthetic. I’m not making any guesses about the far end of its range – it won’t be a whole album of this kind of four-chord metal-influenced punk, but I feel like I have some things to prove, and that’ll show. How much, I don’t entirely know. It’s all written, and some of it is the most hopeful stuff I’ve ever written – ask anyone who has heard “Supervillain For I Love You” or – most of all – “We’re Not Friends.”

I guess what I’m saying is: this is a pretty emotional song – one I hope is cathartic – and Din of Thieves will be a pretty emotional album. Because it’s… it’s a pretty damn emotional time.

Pee Police on Bandcamp [Explicit lyrics]

Share it around. Particularly where you think it might do some good.

almost ready

Setting up Bandcamp and working on the a lyrics video for Monday’s release while we have a lovely cool, rainy day outside. <3

single art

Art for the new single coming out on Monday. It’s kind of driving me crazy holding onto this one because there’s so much insanity over this right now, and when I saw that video of that cop slamming that butch lesbian against a wall and then out of a washroom for not performing femininity correctly – so angry – the song that popped into my head virtually wrote itself.

This is still “test” art – I’m not sure it’s there yet. It’s in the neighbourhood tho’. It just seems too… I dunno, bright? But I like it. So I’m torn.

Ah well, I’ll figure it out before Monday.

eta: New version:

the new song

Playing the current mix of the new song around a little bit, privately.

“This is like Pete Seeger meets Pussy Riot” — Klopfenpop

You know, just in case Pussy Riot wasn’t already political enough. So I think I’m doin’ this right. Subtlety is not the idea here – I GOT A FEVER AND THE ONLY PRESCRIPTION IS MORE BULLHORN.

(It is also not getting any more worksafe. I think the cover art should maybe just be a big PARENTAL ADVISORY label. This is fun! 😀 )

recording today

Recording today, no time to type much. I don’t write particularly topical music, because I guess I hate success? But I have a highly topical song and I want to get it out there.

Those who know what I mean when I say “this is another Mary Kaye and the Cosmetics song” will, um, know what I mean by that? Sure. That works. The rest of you will have to wait.

And honestly, I can write some difficult changes even into four chords, I’m just saying, and I don’t even know why. This is why it’s not out already. I’ve been practicing it for days.

Oh, separately, yesterday, I fixed the leaky valves in that barely-post-war not-yet-East-Germany-made Cajun accordian that I’ve had hanging around for a couple of years. Tim Walker – one of the GoHs at this past Rainbowcon, and who actually plays various kind of squeezeboxes for real – looked it over and gave me some tips. One disassembly and set of adjustments later, no more extraneous tones. Thanks, Tim!

The inside of this thing is amazingly clean, by the by, it’s like it got shipped off from the factory last week. DID I TAKE PHOTOS NO I DID NOT TAKE PHOTOS BECAUSE I DON’T EVEN KNOW. It’s approximately 70 years old, but you sure as hell wouldn’t know it from looking at it, not even on the inside.

Anyway, enough accordion, time for a more electric kind of loud. Let’s see if I can get some good takes today. Rrrarrrr.

rainbowcon 1

Rainbowcon 1 starts today! It’s new, it’s local, they’ve asked me to come, I said sure! Attendance is probably in the mid-40s (yes, mid-forties) and they plan to keep it that way. Odds some at least one person reading this being there: surprisingly high.

They don’t have a website or I’d point you at it. XD

Last night, this happened:

I was actually bleeding, it was hilarious. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was trivial, and I put on some archery gear and ended up using a bandage to hold that in place (not to protect the wound – the arm shield kept slipping) and kept going.

This is legitimately a difficult song to play, despite being all of four chords and a rhythm line. It’s heavy, heavy grinding and rhythmically complex, with lots of dry strike and patterns in it – it’s that one I wrote a few days ago after that horrific video of a lesbian being thrown against a wall by a washroom cop who decided she was dressed too butch.

So you want some goddamn rage-driven elfmetal? That order is being prepared right now.

eta: I was wrong! They do have a webpage!

as the gender police step up their game

So here’s video of a cop throwing a lesbian against a wall and out of a washroom for dressing too butch, as the Gender Police start stepping up their game. This has been happening for a while, but the new fundamentalist right Queer Panic is really ramping it back up again. It’s like Saudi Arabia and the goddamn religious police in action, only, you know, it’s not a death penalty situation – yet.

That video pretty much instantly triggered a new Mary Kaye and the Cosmetics song. They’re my all-dyke hardcore punk alt-band who play only Hello Kitty-branded instruments, and they write shit like this and My Boyfriend and Sad Muppet. I’ve worked out the lyrics and most of the chords, of which there are four.

It’s short and very screamy. I’m not sure I have the vocal chops for it but I’m going to try. The lyrics are not worksafe.

Also, this same pack of assholes are going to be ramping up their local to me initiative campaign next week.

See, they may have local activists, but all these trace back to one specific large group of fundamentalist/reconstructionist lawyers who advocate making queer people illegal across the world. This time, it results in putting a $2500 bounty on trans kids in schools. I am not even making that shit up, it’s $2500 per kid per washroom break, because as I’ve said before: these SOBs aren’t happy unless they can make queer kids as miserable and broken as possible. It’s what they live for.

And yet, somehow, we’re the supervillains. jfc.

I think I’m gonna go work more on that song now.

fan art music – a blue morpho opening-credits theme song

So this past weekend, I got a visit to Microsoft’s world-record-for-quiet anechoic chamber! I will talk more about that as soon as I have the okay to post pictures. If I’ll write without pictures, if I can’t use them. (I didn’t sign anything; I just don’t want to get my tour guide in trouble.)

Meanwhile, know how I mentioned a little while ago that The Venture Brothers was really back at the top of its game? There’s a new character this year called The Blue Morpho, the original version of which was active in the 1960s and 1970s in-show. And! There was an in-universe comic book.

So I decided there was also a TV show. At least, a pilot. ABC ordered it in 1964. And hey, pilots need theme songs too, so I wrote one. This is like fan art, but music. If I was more of an actual visual artist, I’d make the actual opening credits, too – but, well, not as much.

Yes, it’s downloadable, free. Or you can hit the tip jar if you like; that’s always appreciated. Thanks!

blue morphooooooo… blue morrrrrrphooooooo…

I may have written a theme for the Blue Morpho unsold pilot episode that would’ve been made circa 1964/1967 in the Venture Brothers world. That may be a thing that has definitely happened.

I wonder if I have enough decent MIDI instruments to record it. I wonder if there’s such a thing as actually good MIDI horns. That has to be a thing, right? Surely. I’d pay for that. How much would I pay for that and where would I get it? Because this is not the first time I’ve wanted this so now it’s like OKAY MAKE ROOM FOR BUDGET!

Linux (soundfont) preferred, but I have room in my life for Apple Audio Units.

New song! “Thirteen”

Hey, the new song is up! There are actually several new songs in the pipeline but this is the one that’s finished right now. It’s called “Thirteen,” and it’s a free download, though you can always hit the tip jar if you like it.

I made it for Conflikt, where I was MCing as Toastmuppet this past weekend. It’s a filk convention – geek music goes back a while, this is a geek folk music (“filk”) con – so of course I made them some geek folk metal, a semi-cover of the Vixy & Tony track “Thirteen.”

Their original isn’t about Doctor Who contemplating his own mortality after running out of regenerations, though. That’s just my version. I was all, “What’s the filkiest thing I can do for this con? Oh, I know, take a well-known filk track and make it even geekier by making it about the Doctor.”

Their original is here, if you want a listen. It’s quite different.

More on Conflikt tomorrow. I shot parts of the con with a fisheye-lens film camera. YEAH I SAID FILM IT IS HILARIOUS I HAD TO STEAL IT FROM THE PRESIDENT ORDER IT FROM JAPAN. I also said fisheye, because the camera was a gift and it has a fisheye lens and you can’t turn it off. FULL-THROTTLE FISHINESS BEGINS TOMORROW!

Assuming the film comes out. I don’t even know. I sure hope it does, I’m not joking about it being imported from the home islands. It’s the last place you can buy ISO 1600 colour film as far as I know.

Okay that’s enough words. LESS TALK MORE FILK!

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