So here’s video of a cop throwing a lesbian against a wall and out of a washroom for dressing too butch, as the Gender Police start stepping up their game. This has been happening for a while, but the new fundamentalist right Queer Panic is really ramping it back up again. It’s like Saudi Arabia and the goddamn religious police in action, only, you know, it’s not a death penalty situation – yet.

That video pretty much instantly triggered a new Mary Kaye and the Cosmetics song. They’re my all-dyke hardcore punk alt-band who play only Hello Kitty-branded instruments, and they write shit like this and My Boyfriend and Sad Muppet. I’ve worked out the lyrics and most of the chords, of which there are four.

It’s short and very screamy. I’m not sure I have the vocal chops for it but I’m going to try. The lyrics are not worksafe.

Also, this same pack of assholes are going to be ramping up their local to me initiative campaign next week.

See, they may have local activists, but all these trace back to one specific large group of fundamentalist/reconstructionist lawyers who advocate making queer people illegal across the world. This time, it results in putting a $2500 bounty on trans kids in schools. I am not even making that shit up, it’s $2500 per kid per washroom break, because as I’ve said before: these SOBs aren’t happy unless they can make queer kids as miserable and broken as possible. It’s what they live for.

And yet, somehow, we’re the supervillains. jfc.

I think I’m gonna go work more on that song now.