So this past weekend, I got a visit to Microsoft’s world-record-for-quiet anechoic chamber! I will talk more about that as soon as I have the okay to post pictures. If I’ll write without pictures, if I can’t use them. (I didn’t sign anything; I just don’t want to get my tour guide in trouble.)

Meanwhile, know how I mentioned a little while ago that The Venture Brothers was really back at the top of its game? There’s a new character this year called The Blue Morpho, the original version of which was active in the 1960s and 1970s in-show. And! There was an in-universe comic book.

So I decided there was also a TV show. At least, a pilot. ABC ordered it in 1964. And hey, pilots need theme songs too, so I wrote one. This is like fan art, but music. If I was more of an actual visual artist, I’d make the actual opening credits, too – but, well, not as much.

Yes, it’s downloadable, free. Or you can hit the tip jar if you like; that’s always appreciated. Thanks!