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to the west

And off we go to Clallam Bay Comicon! But I had to post something I saw last night – Shego’s bass! Seriously, the strings glow without actually emitting light – it’s a darker green than I was able to photograph. This blurry picture comes closest – the sharp photos, it’s like the green isn’t even there. I can’t figure out how that works. Maybe it’s just me. Regardless, I wants it, precious:

Sadly, $1500

Ah, well, someday. See you at the convention, I hope!


I don’t listen to my own work much – I mean, I hear it a lot, in rehearsal, right? – but it’s not just that, it’s that I can’t hear anything but all the flaws. I’m told that’s pretty common, but not universal; it’s just a quirk some artists have. Actors, too; Bill Shatner just recently said on his Twitter account that he never watches his own performances after production, for the same reason.* He’s not the only one; just the one I’ve seen say so recently.

But even with all that in mind, I do listen to my own material occasionally, for one reason or another. I listened to a few tracks on Dick Tracy Must Die this past weekend, and aside from the usual hyperfocus on flaws nobody else ever hears, I listen to those vocals and know – know – how far I’ve come as a vocalist since recording those back in 2011.

A lot of it, I can live with. The vocals… I don’t know. So I think about going back and fixing them – by which I mean re-performing them entirely – but that opens whole shipments of worms, not just individual cans. Would I start screwing with “Shout at the Desert” and how I think it’s recorded too fast? Would I start remastering the whole damn album? I have new albums to make, I don’t have time for this – but I’m insecure and worry that my old vocals are weighing down my current opportunities.

Balanced against that – I don’t get many album reviews, but the few I have got have been pretty damned good.

That’s a pretty scary rabbit hole, no matter how you look at it. Lucas’s revisionism started out fine, too – no? Don’t believe me? Look at the before-and-afters for Young Indiana Jones. That’s where it started. The revised cinema-oriented episodes are genuinely better than the shorter as-aired episodes, and are really kind of wonderful. That round of Lucas revisionism was an unqualified success. Only later did it turn feral.

So, yeah. I kind of honestly don’t know what to do here. If anybody who has heard me perform lately has any opinions, I really do want to hear them, because the artist is generally the worst judge of their own work. And while I put up a pretty good front, I don’t always have the confidence I should just to bully my way through.

*: And jokes about overacting aside – of course he’s guilty of it on a regular basis – he’s also a very good comedic actor and does, in the right hands, deliver an entirely credible dramatic performance. If you don’t believe me, go watch his turn on Playhouse 90 sometime. I suspect he’s just flat out better at drama on stage.

this podcast has 22 minutes

Episode 4 of The Geekmusic Podcast is live – direct mp3 download and Soundcloud links are both on the podcast page. I won’t have time to make the YouTube version until I’m back in town again probably next week.

This one’s short – it actually is 22 minutes long, I didn’t make that up – but despite that fully-formed and well-packed, with Heather Dale talking about the new Gates of Camelot bardic/Arthurian MMO and Nicole Dieker stopping by to play us a track off her brand new Giant Robot Album. Plus big show news for San Diego Comic Con, for Seattle if you’re a Marian Call fan, and a host of new releases. Download away!

finishing up the podcast

I’m finishing up the podcast this morning – at least the mp3 version, YouTube might have to wait until I get back – so have a couple of pictures of rocks, taken last weekend at Harrison Hot Springs. Click to enlarge.

Green and Grey


Keep yourselves busy a few hours; I’ll be back.

orson scott card can blow it out his ass

James Nicoll reports on his blog that Orson Scott Card has declared marriage equality ‘moot’ and asks for ‘tolerance’ from ‘victors’ – oh, and please don’t boycott his movie. Bleeding Cool asks whether it’s enough.

No. It’s not. Honestly, I’m shaking a little with rage. That stinking S.O.B., whose legions and allies both active and advantageous have worked throughout my entire life to make me a non-person, who has advocated that I should be illegal and in jail and worked towards that goal, whose nationally-organised well-funded partners have actively persecuted me my entire life… who’ve harassed me, who’ve sent anonymous rape and death threats, who’ve assaulted me, sent me to hospital… I’ve sidetracked career, I’ve sidelined huge chunks of my life, I’ve spent – as they used to say – blood and treasure in fighting off these bastards… and knowing full well that they’d make me a nonperson again in a heartbeat if they could…

…the most we get out of this duplicitous steaming bile is “moot”ness and a request for “tolerance” (and don’t boycott my movie)?


Fuck you, Orson. Fuck. You.

This post is part of a collection of posts on sexism and racism in geek culture.

home again dome again

Home again for a few days, under the dome hanging out in environment suits as we test the new… yeah, no, Dr. Horrible taught us about not blogging things like that, right. We’re here ’till Thursday, then it’s back on the road again for a few. Harrison Hot Springs was pretty and relaxing, we played a lot, I met some musicians and we hung out Sunday night late and kicked it a bit.

Whup – I’d type more, but it’s time to throw the battlesuit into the dryer. Enjoy some picspam, or else. There will be a quiz. And by quiz, I mean interrogation. And by interrogation, I mean lasers.

We went to the mountains

We went to the beach
(Does it count as a selfie if it’s only your shins and feet?)

We visited some historic lairs – we actually reached the legendary Doctor SulFURY’s front door! It’s even still radioactive. I miss her.

We met some musicians
(I’m pretty sure this band is 2/3rds clones – their opposites are in Le Vent du Nord)

Anna’s keeping this one
(Thankfully supervillains ignore customs fees, or we couldn’t afford him)

We ate out a bit

Panda is delicious!

Visited our compatriots at the Laser Cutter Cafe
(and if those aren’t supervillains in streetclothes… well, let’s just say my ph33rdar is well-calibrated)

We had tea! And lasers! Just like it says on the tin. Or the wall.

They made a Jiji! These guys are awesome.

Those Amoeba Boys, I gotta tell you, they know how to rock a town. Vancouver will never recover.

Clallam Bay is up next. You’ll be there, if you know what’s good for you.

mammoth on patrol

Jean-Claude heads out!

google+facebook=no rss

Nice little theory posted at which is very much along the lines of Facebook Destroys Everything, attributing Google’s shuttering of Reader as another step in the centralisation/corportisation of the internet, and replacing free/distributed content with corporate-owned. It’s a nice little rant, tho’ some of the commenters at jwz’s DNA Blog dispute it. You might give it a glance.

jwz also provides your advertising horror of the week: using bone sound transmission to drive ads into passenger’s heads if they try to nap by leaning against windows.

Ah, well, enough of that. We ran into the De Temps Antan. I told Eric that Anna said he’s a better bouzouki player than his brother Simon and everybody exploded. It was hilarious. Ah well, Simon can have the consolation of being hotter. XD

Here, have a phone picture from last night, of the lake from the beach of the festival. Well, of my feet in the lake, really. XD

to the north

Heading off today, north! To festival! To Harrison Hot Springs! Back on Monday. I’ll probably be tweeting a lot tho’. Remember: send any geekmusic news you have for the podcast by Monday if at all possible! If you don’t have any, forward that link around to people who might.

Here, have an awesome link – I actually already knew some of this but not this particular early outright-digital state. Ironically, I think this process got more analogue before it got less – there were comparably-small machines in the 60s and 70s which did more or less this, only with a single copy of the photo print. But they sent over ordinary phone lines, and I think those machines were varying tone in a more analogue fashion. But I could be wrong; maybe they were digitising down to these same five-bit images. Anyway, enjoy:

How Photos Were Cabled Across the Atlantic Ocean in 1926

Finally, welcome Radish Review readers; I think you’ll find this post on harassment in person vs. online trenchant. It’s called “Power and Supervillainy.” And my regular readers may also enjoy Scalzi’s Q&A on his anti-harassment-policy policy, including complaints made by some calling his policy anti-free-speech, an idea about which I can only giggle sadly, not manically. And if I’m not giggling manically, you are doing it wrong and I have a heat ray. Shape up – or else.


send news items now

I’ve just recorded the feature segment for the next Geekmusic Podcast – we talk to Heather Dale about the new game Gates of Camelot – and I’ll be recording the news segment when I’m back from British Columbia, early next week. So get me your news items NOW, and tell anybody else you know who might have geekmusic-related news to get it to me!

Also, if you’ve had problems using the contact form because of bad CAPTCHAs, we’ve fixed it… by turning CAPTCHA off. I don’t know what triggers it, but sometimes the form just starts throwing out the wrong graphic. I thought it had to be cache-related, but turning all that off didn’t fix anything, so yeah, no.

The weird part is that it works just fine for Anna. Exact same plugin. I have no idea why.

Finally, your SFWAdenfreude Update: Mary Robinette Kowal’s PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP to the people she calls the 12 Rabid Weasels of SFWA has really taken off. I tweeted about it yesterday; it’s kind of awesome. Apparently, it made Gawker today, which is kind of a big deal – but I don’t have a link. And Scalzi has put up a co-sign thread for people who wish to declare a harassment-policy policy akin to his. Enjoy the fireworks!

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