Nice little theory posted at which is very much along the lines of Facebook Destroys Everything, attributing Google’s shuttering of Reader as another step in the centralisation/corportisation of the internet, and replacing free/distributed content with corporate-owned. It’s a nice little rant, tho’ some of the commenters at jwz’s DNA Blog dispute it. You might give it a glance.

jwz also provides your advertising horror of the week: using bone sound transmission to drive ads into passenger’s heads if they try to nap by leaning against windows.

Ah, well, enough of that. We ran into the De Temps Antan. I told Eric that Anna said he’s a better bouzouki player than his brother Simon and everybody exploded. It was hilarious. Ah well, Simon can have the consolation of being hotter. XD

Here, have a phone picture from last night, of the lake from the beach of the festival. Well, of my feet in the lake, really. XD