I’ve decided I’m going ahead with episode two of the Geekmusic Podcast. I mean, that was always the plan, but I reserved the right to change my mind after the pilot. The pilot had (across various listen points) about 100 listeners – at least, downloads and/or reasonably meaningful streams – so I’m going to give it a go.

DO YOU HAVE ANY GEEKMUSIC NEWS? Preferably your own, but not just that. Comment here with it. I’m looking for things like music releases, public projects, stuff like that. Preferably near-term, so this can be a recurring feature. Anamanaguchi has a Kickstarter running right now (that I’ve backed), Leannan Sidhe have their new album wrapped up, but if you have something? TELL ME! I’ll talk about it in the news segment, which I’ll record later this week. It will be the last thing recorded, but make sure the news will still be good for at least a few weeks.

And tell others about this! Please and thank you. ^_^