Anna’s Kickstarter project for Faerie Blood (her first novel) and Bone Walker (the soon-to-be-published sequel) is in its final six hours. Fewer, by the time you read this. It will fund, which is awesome, and not just because we’re doing the soundtrack album. If you want to get in as a backer on this – have your name in the book’s thank-you pages, and all that? Or other tasty awards? Go back the books!

Also, extra money thrown in lets us do extra things. I’ve already spent time and money building out my little studio to handle this larger project, and I’ll be building more toys soon. Plus we have guest musicians coming in. It’s a big deal! So if you’re going to jump in, now is the goddamn time! Not tonight, not tomorrow: now. MOVE IT SOLDIER THIS MEANS YOU! 😀

There’s a review raffle going! Play Cracksman Betty and write a review about it, and you’re in a drawing for a copy of the album. Plus, it’s good, dammit! The review doesn’t have to be long, but it needs to link to the album. Oh, and tell us you wrote the review. Thanks!

Play this:

Link to this in your review.

Oh, I also think there’s a Google Hangouts live thing tonight, too. Watch on G+ for details!