THANK YOU everybody at Folklife who stopped by and chatted and said hi! And particularly all the people who stood around and listened. It’s hard to get heard over the din at Folklife – I mentioned on Twitter over the weekend that Folklife is mostly about yelling and I stand by that – but this was a good year! I guess I’m getting better at yelling. Also at when to perform and when to kick off for a while. XD

I’m sad it’s over, even if I have a pretty epic case of the sleepies. Seriously, I’ve been writing this for 45 minutes and being distracted by oh hi kitties. You kind of lose track of the whole awesomeness of this music thing in all the grinding day-to-day business bullshit, and huge epic festivals playing with other people remind you.

And it doesn’t hurt anything when a stranger walks by and then backs up and looks at you and goes, “…are you … did you do that Skyrim fan song about the Winking Skeever?” and you can go o/ and say “yes! Yes, I did!” And they ask if you’ll do it live and you do. n/

Folklife wasn’t even the only thing awesome this weekend! I can’t talk about Anna and things involving certain creative efforts other than Faerie Blood. But I want to. And I’m not even talking about the soundtrack and certain plans we have for that which aren’t signed yet. But I want to. I can say that the Leannan Sidhe Kickstarter has charged up to 72% on what is normally a totally dead weekend, so that’s awesome – go push them to 75%!

Oh, and the review raffle thing has until Thursday. So go write up a little commentary thing about Cracksman Betty in public and link me to it by Thursday EOD if you’re in.

I got more, but you go ahead. What’d you do this weekend?