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talking about b00zahol

This is an actual sake* you can buy:

Gellin’ with a Felon

I recommend it on the basis of the bottle alone. Also? It’s pretty good. SlimeSake ftw.

Also, it’s blue. Okay, it’s not actually blue, but the bottle is. Anything edible that colour is not found in nature and I approve.

Also, check it, I’m in a comic strip about Ardbeg. YAY ARDBEG! o/

*: Face labelling sadly not included.

Why pre-orders exist

Anna says I should explain why you do CD pre-orders. Okay! Two reasons:

1) Figuring out how many booklets and cover backs to print, and how to print them. If I have over a certain number, offset printing is the way to go. Below that, it’s DYI. (My DYI will look professional. It always has.)

For this, I just need a future count. If you’re on Livejournal, here’s a poll I’d love you to fill out. If not, let me know you’re gonna want a CD some other way. ^_^

2) Paying for printing. If I go DIY, that costs money in supplies. I have access to an eight-colour professional printer I can use myself for the colour sheets, but I’ll have to buy a lot of special inks, paper, and so on, for it.

I’d rather go offset – it’s easier – but I dropped a good chunk of change out of pocket on mastering. Worth it? Yes! But not cheap.

Here’s a greyscale laser-printer rough of the design. The booklet is eight pages, with extensive liner notes. Picture this in full colour:

All this will be in colour.

These’ll be full colour too, of course.

I’d like to run the numbers by the 12th; one way or another, I need CDs by April.

Whaddya think, sirs?

Cover to Cover

Funny thing about working on CD booklets – you get ideas.

Light cover

Dark cover


Of course, the music’s the important thing. And that is finished, and available for immediate download and CD preorder!

Electronic release and CD pre-orders!

All the mastered tracks for Dick Tracy Must Die have now been uploaded to the website for listening and purchase!

I really hope people will go listen to the final version of the album. It’s been a huge amount of work and an emotional roller-coaster at times, no lie. But I’m proud of it.

Also, even if you’ve listened to songs from the album before? Listen again. Mastering is a collection of subtle arts, and you can hear a lot of them at work on these tracks. It’s really neat to hear, particularly in the denser studio tracks, and tracks with lots of drum, like “Stay Away” and “Shout at the Desert.”

I mean, sure, some of it is obvious; you’re doing equalisation across tracks, you’re putting everything to CD/download specifications, you’re making sure all the levels are compatible, things like that. And there are technical things, like ISRC codes, that nobody much notices, except that’s how iTunes knows the names of the songs on that CD you just put in the drive.

But some of it’s just surprising. In one case… honestly, I have no idea what he did. But it was like he took an unsharp mask filter and applied it to sound. It was literally like three adjustments, and is apparently a pretty normal thing to do, but… I have to say, it was a HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! moment.

There’s more to talk about, but that’s for tomorrow. To be continued! (つづく)

We have a golden master.

Too late to say more than that now, but holy shit we have the golden master. That’s right, Dick Tracy Must Die is a release, right here in our grubby little mitts.

More on the music page. Also, more tomorrow, including – yes, I’m sayin’ it – pre-orders. Fuck yeah, mudkips: Preorders. o/

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