Hey, guys, I’ve been kinda distracted. Everybody I know in Japan is fine, but it’s still been very scary. I suggest Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders as an aid organisation. Right now, for Japanese people, the biggest problem by far is the cold and lack of shelter. It’s been a cold winter and spring, and snow is on the ground in a lot of affected areas, and whereever the tsunami hit, there’s nothing left. It went 10km inland. That’s… it just blows my mind.

Oh, and an aside to all the panicking Americans: THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. STOP PANICKING, SHUT THE HELL UP, AND HELP. Seriously, Americans and French dropped about a billion A- and H-bombs in the Pacific (and two in Japan) in the 40s and 50s, and how many of those necessitated KI tablets in North America? None.

Hell, there were above-ground tests in Nevada. They were tourist events. This was a really bad idea for lots of reasons but you didn’t need to be popping iodine in Las Vegas, much less 7,000km away.

In band news, the CD duplicator has been difficult to work with, but Acronova has been very highly responsive in trying to figure out the problems. The data sides have been perfect, but getting labels to write has been a real trial. They’re now sending me a replacement writer unit, despite the fact that:

…we finally got it working. o/ Spool 1 is printed! Both sides! And passes validation/verification 100%!

Now I just have to get paper printers to talk to me. H8. DX