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Solarbird, the Lightbringer – the public face of CRIME and the Forces of Evil – had a good weekend of work and play, talking with musicians and other shadowy figures, and perhaps arranging for some degree of shenanigans, about which you’ll no doubt hear more later. Muah ha ha.

We’ve also set up a Facebook band page, at last: clickie here and LIKE IT if you know what’s good for you. XD

But most importantly, Monday the 17th is the last day to enter the raffle for the Advance Review Copy of Dick Tracy Must Die. CLICKIE:

Click HERE to enter the raffle!

So what’d you do this weekend?

making a kickstarter video

I’m making a kickstarter video for my CD duplicator kickstarter project! I feel kind of silly about it and the sound won’t be awesome because I don’t want to try to do lipsync over the bit I’m actually in. I’m not fond of making video but they stroooongly suggest it. See? Videos:

But mostly, this is just an excuse to remind you: don’t forget to enter the ARC giveaway raffle. ^_^

And the winner of the ARC is. . .

…hold on, I have to ask this d8…


And that would be lj:foxipher, who wins a copy of the Dick Tracy Must Die ARC! I’ll post off your CD later today, and look forward to your review!

Thanks to everybody who entered!

And, due to both the number of entries and! a couple of people who said they couldn’t enter because they couldn’t write a review in January – welcome to:

ARC Giveaway Round II! It’s another Advance Review Copy raffle. Entrants agree to post a review sometime in the month of February 2011. Entrants from Round I who didn’t win are automatically entered in Round II unless you want out for some reason, but I note you can write the review whenever and just not post until February, so I’d hope it’s not a problem. Reviews must be publicly posted, but that’s the only requirement.

If you did not enter Round I at all, comment here by the end of Monday, 17 January 2011, to enter Round II! All comments will be screened, as usual. Good luck!

Do not forget to enter the review raffle!

Last day to enter the review raffle for an ARC of Dick Tracy Must Die! Clickie or lose out! XD

Irish Session FTW

Wednesday night, Anna and I hit our first Irish Session – the first night of a new one, down at A Terrible Beauty in Renton. Yeah, it was awesome:

Photo by Liz Jackson

Thanks to Matt for organising it and Annie for inviting us; it ruled. There will be more. Click here for Anna’s super-detailed write-up.

Today I wrote a new version of a traditional song – Old Black Rum (West Coast Style). I’ll be recording that for Not Quite Trad O’ th’ Month, tomorrow. (Check Great Big Sea’s version here.) Frankly, I’ve never been able to hear the line about the “queen of George Street” without having a very different vision to the original, so my version’s all Riot Grrl Dykes her Way Across Queertown Vancouver, j0. XD Want a copy? Sign up for the mailing list. Or wait ’till it’s on the downloads page, but then you gotta pay for it.

DON’T FORGET: Enter the no-cost post-a-review raffle for an Advance Review Copy of Dick Tracy Must Die today! Or at least before Monday, the deadline. Go! Now!

While we're waiting for the mastering to be finished…

Let’s have a raffle!

I’ve made a few Advance Review Copies (ARCs) of the pre-master Dick Tracy Must Die. This is the complete album, with a bunch of final mixing changes and a couple of new vocal performances that you almost certainly haven’t heard yet. Lookie:

To enter the raffle, comment here by Monday, January 10th saying that you are willing to post a public review of the ARC by the end of January 2011, and give me a way to contact you directly. (I’ll need a physical mailing address to send you the CD.) All comments will be screened and left screened unless otherwise requested. Winner will be chosen by random number generator, one entry per person. Good luck!

DIY forever, apparently

I’m seriously considering setting up a Kickstarter project for one of these:

Double-Sided Disc Duplicator

I figure small donors would get free copies of Dick Tracy Must Die and other music, large donors could get some free uses. It could maybe be a local resource. I do not want to get into the general business of CD printing, but I could see doing something like this for very small runs – bring in your LightScribe discs, I burn a few hundred free for large donors, a smaller number at amortised cost or something for other people.

I have the rest of the technology, this seems like a fairly simple step. And it’s so cheap now that it seems intuitive, really. Sure, I’d like to do four-colour scary glass-plate CDs, and hopefully will eventually, but I also do a lot of tiny runs – they’re almost like art projects. This would be cool for things like that.

Good idea? Dumb idea?

It looks good, but…

It looks good:

Trash-O-Matic 68000, First Complete Assembly (1)

Trash-O-Matic 68000, First Complete Assembly (I/O ports)

…but it’s picked up some new noise somewhere that is not outside interference. I’m going to have to debug it some more to find out what. Some of it’s kind of awesome, but it’s a little excessive, even for the kind of crunchy trashnoise I want, so I hope I can pull it back a bit. Wish me luck!

Oh, and Happy New Year, everybody!

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