I’m seriously considering setting up a Kickstarter project for one of these:

Double-Sided Disc Duplicator

I figure small donors would get free copies of Dick Tracy Must Die and other music, large donors could get some free uses. It could maybe be a local resource. I do not want to get into the general business of CD printing, but I could see doing something like this for very small runs – bring in your LightScribe discs, I burn a few hundred free for large donors, a smaller number at amortised cost or something for other people.

I have the rest of the technology, this seems like a fairly simple step. And it’s so cheap now that it seems intuitive, really. Sure, I’d like to do four-colour scary glass-plate CDs, and hopefully will eventually, but I also do a lot of tiny runs – they’re almost like art projects. This would be cool for things like that.

Good idea? Dumb idea?