Now that Halloween is over and the elections are mostly done and hopefully people have a little more brain time XD and also because I don’t have a new song this week (I’m working on it! But it won’t be done ’till Monday) I wanted to remind everybody about my gig coming up on November 20th at The Lyons’ Den in Bothell, Washington. It’s a no-cover show, starts 8pm, runs until 10; two sets with a break in between. I’d love to see some of you there!

Also, if you missed it: I’ve got a new toy for you! Trad o’ th’ Week, or maybe Month, or It’s Up To My Schedule. Once a week or two, I’ll do a single-day recording of a traditional song – usually Newfoundland folk – and members of the Crime and the Forces of Evil mailing list will be able to download it free. And none of this 96k preview bullshit, either; it’ll be a high-quality mp3. ^_^ Once I’ve got enough of them I’ll probably make a compilation and put it up on the Bandcamp site for sale, so these aren’t throwaways; fans just get ’em free, and first. XD The first song – “Captain Kidd,” a song about the famous pirate – is already online, and you can get it by signing up to the CFoE mailing list at Fanbridge:

These are like live recordings, but without the audience – it’s me, a zouk or mandolin, and maybe a drum or flute if I have the time budget for it. This particular recording has the zouk, my vocals, and me on bodhran, which is genuinely as Old School Newfoundland Folky as I get. But it’s about criminals – pirates, in particular – so what’s not to love? Clickie and sign up!

And if you haven’t listened to any of the other recent uploads (and there’ve been a lot) and have been meaning to get around to that, you know where you can click. (IF you know what I mean… XD )