We have a new toy: Trad o’ th’ Week, or maybe Month, or It’s Up To My Schedule. But! It’s a plan! And a toy.

Once a week or so, Solarbird the Lightbringer will do a single-day recording of a traditional song – usually Newfoundland folk – and members of the Crime and the Forces of Evil mailing list will be able to download it free. The first one – “Captain Kidd,” a song about the famous pirate – is already online. And you can get it by signing up to the CFoE mailing list at Fanbridge:


Yep! It’s a bribe! Yay, bribes! Basically these are like live recordings, but without the audience, and maybe with an accent instrument if there’s time. This version is zouk, vocals, and bodhran, which is genuinely as folky as I get. But it’s about criminals – pirates, in particular – so what’s not to love? Clickie and sign up OK!