I played the open mic at Soul Food Books last night! They [used to] archive their streamed video [but no longer do; I’ve removed the links]. I went mostly so I could promote my show at The Lyon’s Den in Bothell on November 20th at 8pm, and I played a couple of songs you’ve probably never heard me play before – a cover, SJ Tucker’s “Come to the Labyrinth,” and one of my own, a newer song called “Something’s Coming.” “Something’s Coming” isn’t going to be on Dick Tracy Must Die – it’s the lead track for the as-yet-unnamed third album which almost certainly won’t be called Rule the World. (That’s the fourth album! XD )

I’m on a little more than 40 minutes in to this archived feed. You can’t hear the crowd at all, which is too bad, ’cause they were into it – Clint said what I did with “Come to the Labyrinth,” was, and I quote, “awesome” – and even with the… filtered? not sure what they did there… vocal mix it’ll give you an idea of what to expect out of a solo show. Just with, you know, much less pixelation. I’m higher resolution in real life. Mostly. XD

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