How can I be this busy but yet feel like I’m accomplishing so little?

Over on Facebook, The Lyons’ Den has an events page up for my November 20th solo show now. No poster image yet – I just sent them links to the files for that, though, having finally got ’round to making a poster this morning. If anybody wants copies (including print resolution), click here. The PDF is nicely high resolution and in proper full colour this time! o/

I also have a Facebook event for the show – I set mine up as soon as I got the gig. That one has the poster up already. XD

There’s a nice reaction to “Artefacts (You’ll Never See)” on the announcement post, with lj:westrider opining:

Mmm, I loves me a good Ghost Story Song. Only have a couple of them, so it’s particularly good to see another.

If you missed the song, here’re the players again:

Also, over on Dreamwidth, dw:unexpected_finn called “My Boyfriend,” “utterly brilliant… without [the] backstory the song actually stands alone as a dyke anthem in the class of anything from Lavender Jane.” And back on LJ, lj:mojave_wolf listed the still-incomplete Dick Tracy Must Die as a “New Good Thing,” advising people also to “look around on the site for the song descriptions, too–the coolest liner notes since the 60’s, at least!” Thank you all.

Tomorrow, Kohaku goes into the shop and fretwork is done. Friday, it’s back to work! TOO MUCH SLACKING lololololololololol XD