I’m having one of those days where I’m up at 0:19 and really should go to bed, and will, but I’m also knee deep in Artefacts (You’ll Never See) and at this rate it’s totally going out on Monday. Which’ll leave a big lag between that and the final! two! songs! on! the! album! except that the gap will be smaller because the luthier at Dusty Strings called and said he got an opening and can take Kohaku in for fret work a week earlier than expected!

This is awesome, because I can’t record much on Kohaku until this buzz problem is fixed.

I’ve also been hyper today because I got a couple of comments over on Livejournal that absolutely made my fucking week. lj:tahkhleet said,

I’m so glad someone else is writing in this vein. Musically and lyrically [My Boyfriend] is like a middle ground between Leslie Fish and King Missile. The improvised drumkit works… sometimes you have to do your Black Metal on mandolin and whatever less common instruments you have hanging around…

eeeeeeee! Blackmetal! And a couple of weeks ago I was thinking nobody would get the whole elfmetal thing all, ever. Squeetime! And then lj:goodconceited separately said,

[My Boyfriend] is brilliant and awesome. The super-shiny kind of brilliant that has to be shared with as many people as it can be…

…which made my brain explode. XD And then lj:cow linked and said to check this shit out. XD Thank you all for saying such awesome things, it’s probably way too good for my ego (lol) but eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! so exciting!

Now I’m all hyper again. Ah, large animal tranquilliser, you’re my bestest friend. G’night!