Do you want to hear a scary story?

It’s that time of year, isn’t it? A time for scary stories, a time for kicking up the past – or the past kicking back up at you. It’s a time for horrors, which, if they even have reasons, are beyond the ken of this world.

Do you have a taste for that sort of tale? It’s that time of year, after all. Come in, sit down, make yourself comfortable. Have an apple – do you prefer poison, or razor? Ah, well, have this dusting of unburied fable, then, in the form of a parable and duet with ghosts:

Yes, it’s another spoken-word intro followed by a song. In many ways, I don’t like that this is the follow-up to “My Boyfriend;” thematically, the two couldn’t be more different, and musically, they’ve not much in common either, aside from some of the instruments. It’s also difficult for me to sing; my best efforts are still lacking in my ears; it’s no doubt something to do with all that scar tissue in my neck and the ways I haven’t figured out how to work around all of it. But it’s the last track I can work on and release before Kohaku – my zouk – gets fretwork done this week, which he needs, and which I need before I can record the last two songs on this CD.

Those are very scary words, too, “the last two songs on this CD.” The last two songs on Dick Tracy Must Die, “Stay Away” and “Getting Away with It,” are queued up for production. Once they’re done, I’ll go back and do some adjustments on a couple of other songs, maybe… and it’ll be finished. That’ll be a relief, but it’s also kind of a shock, and given me a bit of deer-in-headlights. I’ve never worked this long on a single creative project before. I mean, I want it finished and out the door; I’ve got another CD and a half’s worth of songs already written, there are other projects I can do.

But that said, when I look at my Bandcamp site, and see an EP and a standalone single and a couple of other tracks, I don’t think that much of it. When I look at that same site and see that plus Dick Tracy Must Die with 12 tracks sitting there, and when I look at playcounts starting to spike up – you can’t see them, but my last two weeks were my best weeks ever, and I’m not even out gigging – and when I see people other than me talking about my music (thank you thank you thank you, I go nowhere without you), I can’t help but think…

…shit’s gettin’ real. And that’s awesome… but also terrifying, because it’s becoming possible to disappoint people, which I fear greatly, and no doubt too much. That way lies paralysis and madness, and those of you who have done this longer and better are probably laughing a little at all this drama over so little a thing. But for me, seeing this start to happen, on any scale, is huge. It’s becoming time, as they say, to step up – onto a new path – and I worry for my ability to do it. I want to; I just hope I can figure out how.

But then, like I said before – it’s that time of year, isn’t it. Happy Samhain, everyone.