I’ve re-recorded most of “Outbirds” and mixed it down over the last couple of days; s’funny how much better all the individual tracks are this time but how much of that you don’t really hear in comparing the final mixes because I managed to hide so much broken shit in the mix in the Sketchy Characters version.

The mandolin track in the old recording is such a clusterfuck – you have no idea. No, seriously, you don’t. It sounds okay in the work-in-progress mix on CD because of mixing trixery hiding all the fail; pulled out, it’s lollertastic. New one? 100x better. I don’t have to hide anything, and I don’t! But you don’t know how much better the tracks are, it mostly sounds like there’s more going on now, and that the timing’s tighter.

(What’ve I kept? The dissonant chimes and a little – very little – of the original bass guitar line.)

The drums are recording much better now that I’m using the 957, and I’m also a better drummer now than I was in January, which surprises me a little since I’ve practiced so little on drums in particular. I guess all that timing work is paying off generally. The bodhran sounds good now on headset and on decent speakers – but for some reason unknown to me it sounds un-fucking-believable on laptop speakers. I think because you don’t hear the low end your brain decides there must be a whole fucking lot of it based on what it’s hearing from the top end and fills in the gaps with the sound of rolling thunder.

Thor’s gone bowling again. Watch out.