Thanks to everybody who came out on Friday! The poster was the most effective promotional tool, apparently, and I should’ve done more of that. (It’s all a learning experience…) I was really nervous about the S.J. Tucker song that I covered, particularly since there were some friends of hers in the audience (hiya! ^_^ ) but the consensus seemed to be that while my version is quite different, it works. ♥! (I am however mad at myself for fucking up Stars at the end of the first set. I mean seriously, what, fingers? C’mon, get with the programme! XD ) I hope everybody had a good time, and it was great fun talking to the people who stayed all the way through the show and wanted to chat afterwards.

Now I work on album f’srs. And also on booking new shows. And all this stuff, really. SO MANY THINGS TO DO omg. If anybody out there has places they want to see me try to play, let me know!