I’m being all productive. “Stars” has a bass track now. I should play with bass more often; it’s fun and I keep forgetting how fun it is. Instrumentally, “Stars” is close to finished. Vocally… I’m not happy yet. Damn I wish I had better pipes. Well, you work with what you have.

“Outbirds” is a release candidate, and I’m going to try one more thing tomorrow (vocals, so I’ll rerecord one phrase to change literally one note on one syllable) and may and may not keep the change, but either way it’s pretty much ready. “Outbirds” is the first song I’ve taken off the work-in-progress/almost-a-live-recording Sketchy Characters and finished, so you’ll get to hear the difference eight months can make. I certainly can. It makes me want to start remastering even recent recordings like “Shout at the Desert,” because turns out fan projects can teach you a lot.

But I’ll be good. “Outbirds,” then “Stars,” then either “Artefacts” or “Stay Away,” I’m not sure. I’ve been poking at both.