Having mentioned you could see the difference in the drum recordings in the waveform view, I was asked for a screenshot, which I provide here:

Simultaneous recording, L/R channel, two mics

The two mics were not in exactly the same place here, which emphasises the difference a bit, but not as much as you might think; I could do better with the Novas and the 57s and so on, but nothing I did – yes, including identical placement to the 957 as used in this recording – captured as much of the drum resonance. In this particular recording I’m going to keep both tracks and merge them – the 57 got some nice high tones that I want to keep in the final mix.

I should probably mention that a lot of this is a matter of specific intent, and possibly taste. If you want really short, snap-tight punchy drums, you’d prefer the SM57’s behaviour, or that of the Novas, and so on. As always, it’s a matter of getting your intended effect. But I’ve been finding the various recordings I’ve made of percussion rather aurally tiring, particularly heard raw, and in the released tracks I’ve had to do a lot of futzing and reverb and such to get something not as close to what I want as I’m getting straight out of the mic from the 957.