I have a head cold, bleah. But! I’ve been poking around in the studio anyway.

Several years ago, I bought a Sony ECM957 small-can capacitor microphone for recording live with a minidisc recorder, and it worked okay for that. But I’ve never been able to do a goddamn thing with it in the studio despite repeated attempts on different instruments (and voice), so it’s been sitting in a drawer for most of the last two and a half years… or, until now.

Turns out it’s really good for recording percussion, or, at least, for recording this djembe that none of my other mics are recording worth a damn. I could hear it on the live monitor in my headset as soon as I plugged it in and popped a couple of test riffs – it was that obvious. In the playback it’s a whole ‘nother world compared to my previous attempts. It’s enough of a difference that you can see it outright in the waveform display, comparing to recordings on other mics. Today, the djembe; tomorrow, the bodhran! Hopefully.

Freaky little microphone, I knew you had to have something good in you. I’m so glad it finally showed up! ♥