Side project rolls along hardcore. We wrapped principal photography today; I’m ‘way tired so you can read Anna’s post here on it. But we shot 18 shots today (more than scheduled because of being about 2/3rds of the way rained out yesterday), and I’m even reasonably happy with most of them, given that I’ve never shot video before this project. I’m still quite happy with the audio, of course, but that hasn’t changed in days – not since the day after I was supposedly going back to working on Stars. But! I did do some work on Stars this past week as well. Just not all that much, because of all the video work I’ve been doing instead.

Yeah this isn’t the smartest thing in the world from a personal-music-progress standpoint but it’s been six kinds of fun.

Anyway. Next we edit the video together. I’ll link to it (and separately to the mp3) when it’s done. It’ll be a free download, of course, like all the contest entries, but I’ll have it on the bandcamp site just for convenience.

Tired now. Go read Anna’s post instead. ^_^