So, I’m really disappointed to learn today that our entry in the Great Big Sea video contest entry was overlooked for the finalist round. I really think we deserved a spot in the final ten – you should go check out the finalists yourself and make up your own mind, of course – and I want to thank everybody who clicked through and liked and gave us the second-most views in the contest, a huge number of likes, a bunch of downloads of the high-bitrate MP3, and an outtakes video that wasn’t even officially in the context and still made the top 25 in watchings.

Also, I want to thank everybody who helped out with costume bits and technical advice and acted and sang. A lot of you put in a lot of work, and I think everybody did a really great job, performing well above their level and pulling off something that sounded really, really good. I wish that effort had been rewarded; I just wanted people to hear it.

For what it’s worth, I voted for – and suggest you vote for – the costume-drama video of “Hit the Ground and Run,” a nicely-shot and very funny video which I think fully deserves its position in the finalist list. I looked forward to going head-to-head against them in this round, and if we don’t get to be involved, I think they should win. But, of course, that’s up to you.