Overwatch had a free-play weekend these last couple of days, and so the system was flooded with n00bs. And that’s fine, but somehow, it deeply confused the skill ranking system used to set up matches.

I mean, it’s always been flaky, and find of setting me up as the high-ranked player with five mid-ranked players against teams well above our level, but Sunday? It would be me with my one star and levels plus one person who has two digits of experience pus four literal single-digit n00bs vs. FIVE STARS and a NOBODY.

Because sure, that’s math. I mean, the game has always had issues with its levels matching, but c’mon.

(Crashing on me three times during winning games did not improve my statistics either.)

Is this what I thought about on Sunday night instead of working on the lyric video for “We’re Not Friends“? Yes. Yes, it is. BAD MUSICIAN NO GAMING except of course lots of gaming, at least, when not working on day jobbe, because this is Big Time for Day Jobbe month.

Also I think I’m shipping Phamercy now. Because sure, why not. My section of Tumblr fandom has pretty much decided everyone in Overwatch is queer, and really? I’m good with that.

Yeah, so – how was your weekend?